What’s in a name? via Feminist Law Professors

What’s in a name? For married women, a lifetime of effort. via Nancy Leong at  Feminist Law Professors

I thought this was an interesting piece and I hope to get a chance to read the Elizabeth Emens article linked in the post.  I kept “my” name.    But what about my mother’s name? And my grandmothers’?   I still remember my boiling [suppressed] rage when my grandfather referred to my younger brother as “the last of the Lawrences” (that side is a very, very small family).  And moving on from decisions about “our” names – what about the kids?   Happily,  I can at least lay my tween rage to rest,  since my brother has three little girls.  Hah. They are not likely the last of anything.  Although, they too have his last name and not their mother’s.   I wonder how many of these five girls (all under 6) will marry/men/change their name?  Chances are good, not all, right? So there, study participants.

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