Dear Colleagues, Students and Friends of the IFLS,

A somewhat belated welcome to a new academic year, and no less to an unusual one in that when we all have to improvise in most of our day-to-day professional activities on both small and large scales.

Here at the Institute, too, we will continue improvising throughout the academic year and hope to provide a number of intellectually stimulating opportunities for anyone with an interest in feminist (legal) studies to find something to enjoy.  Look out for specific virtual event announcements in the coming months.

While the IFLS will continue with the spirit of inclusive governance, due to the specific circumstances of this academic year and difficulty of group meetings, a small Advisory Board of Osgoode faculty consisting of Professors Jinyan Li, Jennifer Nadler, Sonia Lawrence and Adam Parachin will provide input on the Institute's general direction for the 2021-22 academic year.

I look forward to making this year together, all things considered and despite the limitations of a virtual campus, the best of what it could be!


  • Hengameh Saberi, Director