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Recent IFLS tweets with links! These tweets were culled from the recent set, so that almost all of them are links to articles or posts that are worthy of a post but fell victim to (laziness) (marking pressure).   Looking for a little reading?

So for instance, check out the new BlawgReview on Joan of Arc, very interesting, written by Melissa Castan (Monash University in Melbourne), who maintains the feminist blog Amicae Curiae.and Kate Galloway (James Cook University in Cairns).

Joan of Arc Day! #BlawgReview #320: A Call To Arms! @blawgreview

Or read Lolita Buckner-Inniss and imagine yourself with her, out and about in Paris on election day with 80% voter turnout.

Prof. Buckner-Inniss in Paris, captures the mood. RT @AuntieFeminist: Sarkozy, Hollande & a Sunday Kind of Feeling

Or consider these legal developments re Gender.

13h Gender&SexualityLaw@GenderSexLaw Colorado-based lesbian mom granted PATERNITY in custody battle over adopted daughter

1h Hugo Cyr@ProfCyr  Canadian passports to recognize transgenders? “un troisième sexe sur les passeports canadiens? #canpoli

Maybe you’re in Vancouver and looking for something to do.

5 May  RT @mash09 …MUST check out the #BeatNation exhibit at the {vancouver} Art Gallery. Hip hop culture meets First Nations culture. Mad cool.


Or you’ve been thinking about the death of Adam Yauch, who made great public comments that were anti racist and anti sexist.

5 May RT “I want to say a little something that’s long overdue/The disrespect to women has got to be through” MCA, TheBeastieBoys RIP

I was at a conference this weekend, so there’s a bit about that

5 May   #ozcon gender violence & sex. assault panel on paper & in person [wtih apology to MShaffer for spelling her name wrong in caption!]

5 May  #ozcon orgnzrs @blberger & J Stribopoulos got diversity in spkrs/topics. = #s women/men on prgrm, & already talking race this am. Bravo.

4 May  SCLRs #ozcon cases collection of 212 articles (finally) online thanks to Jamie Cameron’s relentless work.

4 May  Elliott: fabulous lgbt legal victories on bake sale budgets, against sig gov’t $. Generous apprch to intervent’ns & standing help. #ozcon


This piece on Abortion politics in Ireland put a new spin on things for me.

4 May  Máiréad Enright: Abortion, Resistance and the Politics of Death and Grief. – Human Rights in Ireland #really,readthis

This development is unfortunate. We’ve been patting ourselves on the back a great deal for the influence of Canada’s Charter on SA’s (despite the fact that SA’s is much better on social/political rights).  This is an ongoing story.

3 May Feminist Law Profs@FeministLawPrfs New blog post: Will the South Africa Constitution Remove Sexual Orientation Equality??

Katha Pollitt asks whether women are in the 99%, and since we are, where are the gendered issues?

 3 May Laura Track@lktrack  She’s the best. RT @equalitybfast: Women: Occupy the Left (yes @KathaPollitt)

A men’s centre is proposed at SFU.  So:

3 May UN Women@UN_Women Are #men-only or #women-only spaces needed in #universities? It’s the cause of a debate at @SFU in #Canada

On the informed opinions front,

3 May  RT @OsgoodeResearch: @osgoodeifls mbr Prof. Carys Craig in “The #trademark that roared (on sound protectn in Cda)

And a post on a conference in India that looked good and interesting, but is also one of many in India that involve co sponsorship of Australian universities.  Good N/S collaboration?  What could we do here?

3 May  Sarah Stephens @ intlawgrrls posts In India, global discussion of feminism & law re ILS int’l conf on Feminism & Law



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