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CFProposals / Securing Justice: A Critical Examination of Security Ten Years after 911 / Due Feb 2012

This conference is put on by the Centre for interdisciplinary Justice Studies at UWinnipeg.

Check them out here:

The Centre was founded in 2007 with the mandate of encouraging dialogue between various disciplines in the study of justice.

The conference looks neat, and I can imagine several gender angles (obvious, just from the way SH is playing hardball in the picture), plus, Winnipeg! May 10-12, 2012.

Securing Justice: A Critical Examination of Security Ten Years after 911 May 10-12, 2012.

The Word “Slut”, via The Forum

From our friends at the Feminist Legal Forum (U of M School of Law), The Word “Slut” « The Forum   It’s a speech at Winnipeg’s first slutwalk, given by Chandra Mayor.

….slut is a smokescreen. Slut is a way to keep us from seeing and naming the truth.

I’m relatively agnostic on slutwalk (not on things like THIS, though, nor things like THIS), but I am amazed by the amount of blog space devoted to it.  Part of my feeling about it is that slutwalk itself has now begun to obscure the very problem it was designed to illuminate.  Not their fault, but a complication of trying to find ways that will be heard to express these kinds of truth.

(the FLF have some other posts up about slutwalk that might interest you as well).

On that note, and for those of you who like to plan way, way ahead,, Ratna Kapur will be coming to Osgoode on March 7th, 2012.  Her talk will be entitled: Slutwalk Couture: The Politics of Feminism Lite.  More on that later!