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IFLS on Twitter, for you non-Tweeps

Every once in a while I like to post some recent tweets, just so that those of you who are only getting the RSS feed from the blog can have a look.  The FB page integrates tweets and posts, and if you visit the blog, the tweets are in the sidebar on the right. RT means “retweet” – i’m copying something someone else tweeted.

Women's Caucus Tea

a bit of background on Judge Karakatsanis, more than i’ve seen elsewhere. Interesting. http://t.co/kU0TKsQU

I hear SCC nominee A. Karakatsanis was PCLS (Parkdale Community Legal Services) student. True? More on nominees: http://t.co/HN0kqCS9

Today at Osgoode! Stolen Sisters clips & talk with @ErinKonsmo brought to you by OISA + ♀ Caucus 12:30-2:30 rm 1002 http://t.co/5fpqLH3a


At the @leafnational breakfast with the awesome Joe Cheng and Bindu Pendala Cudjoe [pic] http://t.co/GiaSdt0tCFP: “Transecting Society: Critical Dialogues on Transsexual/Transgender Identities” http://t.co/PkbA8Fcf

CFP: “Transecting Society: Critical Dialogues on Transsexual/Transgender Identities” flpbd.it/wOgf

At launch #osgoode tax expenditure book philipps brooks li eds. G&M’s simpson: child care benefit = pb sandwich milk & apple /day, not care.
#Osgoode women’s caucus feminist tea! Yum. twitpic.com/71tde2 twitpic.com/71te19



RT @NoelSemple: Dear Americans: when yr government cnt afford 2 prosecute domestic violence, you are UNDERTAXED. on.msnbc.com/pyyGTy


New SCC judges G&M says AK appt will “forestall feminist criticism” bc still 4/9 ♀ bit.ly/pq3G42 Really? Are we that easy to please?
RT @melaynaM At the Osgoode Building Celebration with @OsgoodeIFLS ! yfrog.com/g0z1aetjRT  Shesaid654 am RT byOsgoodeIFLS  The drama surrounding the Missing Women Inquiry reminds me of Yasmin Jiwani’s def. of violence: bit.ly/poVweA

Peter Hogg: “occupy bay street”. Direct quote! Context: improving access to justice. Abella J. says a2j requires experiments #osgoode

EqualVoiceCAEqual Voice National RT by OsgoodeIFLS  So impressed by Paula Simon’s op-ed in Edmnton Journal: Neckline nonsense just sexual politics. A MUST READ. bit.ly/nigSYv #cdnpoli

Amazing film tribute to Hon George Carter at #osgoode open hse: “what it took for a Black man” to achieve such heights. Know (y)our history
At #osgoode open house listening to amazing alumni jazz band. Best thing ever in the moot court!
With MelaynaMAt LEAF persons's day breakfast“The Woman Who Knew Too Much.” Suzanna Andrews, on law prof pol Elizabeth Warren flpbd.it/AnWd v.
Statement from the Black Law Students’ Association of Canada flpbd.it/OrcDFeministing RT by OsgoodeIFLS The Feministing Five: Anita Hill: This month marks the 20th anniversary of Anita Hill’s testimony during the con… bit.ly/qA0DOC

RT @LegalScholBlog: Call for Papers: Junior Faculty Interdisciplinary Scholarship Workshop: The Indiana University… bit.ly/nWHGIW
RT @CatalystInc: …. Australian board quotas ….! Generations butt heads. t11.me/TE4-JD
French Feminists Say ‘Non’ To ‘Mademoiselle’ : NPR npr.org/2011/09/29/140…
RT @CatalystInc: UK companies need more women on their boards. How do we get them there? t11.me/75R-G9
RT @LawandLit: Canadian Politician Criticized For Showing Too Much Cleavage | @Jezebel http://ow.ly/6RW6Z

Should IFLS be on FB? FB pages for legal/feminists

You can show your love (or, “like”) for the UBC Law Centre for Feminist Legal Studies on FB, here.  They have an FB page, and so does LEAF National, Egale Canada, and the Canadian Civil Liberties Association. Smart!  Should the IFLS get a facebook page? Or is this, like mountain vistas and ocean air, something that just won’t fly here…. The FB page would probably duplicate the twitter feed, but if it’s a more convenient way for some of you to follow what we’re up to, I’d do it. And what of Google+? Ach. I can’t keep up.

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Roundup of IFLS Recent Tweets

In case you aren’t a twitter person, I sometimes put news up on our twitter feed at @osgoodeifls – and I often retweet news from others – here’s a recent roundup.  We also tweet all our posts, if you prefer to get them that way.

Hope you had a happy st. patrick’s day!


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Slaw+ a few changes

My former colleague Simon Fodden noticed this blog and said nice things about it on “his”amazing super-blog, Slaw.ca – click here for the post mentioning the IFLS blog.

I followed up with Simon to thank him and ask him a few questions.

Result: a twitter feed for posts if you’d like to follow us that way; navigation that I hope is slightly less confusing; and dates on every post.   Thanks Simon, and here’s my mini post on Slaw which was in queue for next week, really!

Slaw.ca is quite an excellent weblog, almost certainly the premier Canadian law site.  Simon was a visionary on many of these law+web things, since he also started up another favourite of mine, Osgoode’s www.thecourt.ca.    Initially, I loved that SLAW was all law librarians blogging.  Recently it’s evolved to have a broader mandate (although I still sort of think the librarians provide the best posts: did you know that October is National Library Month?).

In their own words:

Slaw is a Canadian co-operative weblog about any and all things legal.

We began in 2005 with a focus on legal information and research, but we now consider any aspect of law our meat and drink. Our audience is primarily lawyers, law librarians, and others working in or studying law. As ever, our aim is to share knowledge, offer advice and instruction, and occasionally provoke. But please note: we do not offer legal advice, even in the most vague terms

No legal advice, but they’ll tell you how to fix your web presence!