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Beyond the ICC: Addressing Sexual Violence in Kenya via intlawgrrls

Of late I’ve heard lots of talk about gender based sexual violence in Africa, partly through contact with the Canadian, Kenyan and Ghanaian women running The Equality Effect project.

Here’s another discussion of the issue, from the great IntLawGrrls website.    IntLawGrrls: Beyond the ICC: Addressing Sexual Violence in Kenya.

Students at Osgoode are planning a variety of talks on this subject around International Women’s Day.  More later!

New in Print: 2 x Bonita Meyersfeld on International Law and Domestic Violence

After attending the Equality Effect’s fundraiser the other day, I was pleased to find this great post at intlawgrrls: The Application of International Law to Systemic Intimate Violence by Bonita Meyersfeld of the University of the Witswatersrand.  Based on the post, I’m interested in her book Domestic Violence and International Law (click through the picture to order @ amazon.ca.  Here’s a link to the forward,/TOC/acknowledgments:

Dr Meyersfeld focuses her attention in this book on violence perpetrated by men against women. But her analysis transcends this focus, and offers a useful and important blueprint for possible development of international law principles applicable to state responsibility for all forms of systemic intimate violence committed by private persons.