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There are mistakes and there are mistakes: Ex-Judge-turned-political-candidate's remarks on sexual assault

I’m finding this difficult to sort through, although I’m sure some of you aren’t. I thought I would try to lay out some of the context of the issue (transcripts, and more about the judge’s record) and as always invite your comments to help me and others wade through all this.


Candidate in upcoming federal election (and former judge) makes comments on a radio show. He says “Well, you know, there are sexual assaults and there are sexual assaults”  He then describes a sexual assault which he thought didn’t require jail time.  Controversy ensues, with both law and order Conservatives (he also talked about drug offenses) and feminists expressing outrage, concern, dismay.

Simple? Below I have the transcripts etc., but first, here’s a short list of the reasons I find it complicated:

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Roundup of IFLS Recent Tweets

In case you aren’t a twitter person, I sometimes put news up on our twitter feed at @osgoodeifls – and I often retweet news from others – here’s a recent roundup.  We also tweet all our posts, if you prefer to get them that way.

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Ten Years after Jane Doe: Vol 22(2) of the CJWL now out

Well – it’s a lot more than 10 years, isn’t it? Depends how you count.  It is about 15.5 years since the events which led to the lawsuit. The court decision came down July  3, 1998.   Jane Doe published her own account (excellent, and well received) in 2004.  In 2009, Prof. Liz Sheehy, from Ottawa U  held a very successful conference “Sexual Assault law, practice and activism in a post-Jane Doe era“.  One of three publications coming out of that conference is the latest issue of the Canadian Journal of Women and the Law now in print!   Table of contents here.

Sexual Assault (on Campus): Feminist Resources

This page collects (links to) reports, scholarly publications and websites dealing with sexual assault.  Right now there’s a particular focus on resources looking at sexual assault on campus.

Please email suggestions to S Lawrence at osgoode dot yorku dot ca, or put them in the comments.


Bain & Currie EXECUTIVE SUMMARY OF THE ASSESSMENT OF THE SEXUAL ASSAULT AND CHILD ABUSE COURSE January 26,2007 [Anti-Violence Women’s Community members have undertaken an analysis of the Toronto Police Services training on sexual assault investigations as one part of the work of the Sexual Assault Steering Committee.]

METRAC York University Safety Audit (pdf)

Scholarly Publications

Vol 22 (2) of the Canadian Journal of Women and the Law: Sexual Assault law, practice and activism in a post-Jane Doe era.  Table of contents here. Includes articles looking at the sexual assault of intoxicated women, the prevalence of rape myths in media reports, etc.

You Be Vigilant! Don’t Rape! Reclaiming Space and Security at York University, Naoko Ikeda, Emily Rosser Canadian Women’s Studies.  Vol 28, No 1 (2010) York University members can access full text here.

Abstract: This paper outlines the development and practice of several distinctively feminist actions against rape on campus, organized by a group of students in the Graduate Programme in Women’s Studies at York University.
After a brief introduction about recent sexual violence at York, the paper discusses the development of the grassroots student anti-rape campaigns and examines the implications and significance of our practice for thinking about the meanings of security, space, and social change. We argue that the university’s policy implementation, such as tighter security measures, increased patrolling, and enforcement of self-vigilance on students, cannot be sufficient for combating campus rape, as these “law and order” methods lack an analysis of campus rape as a structural issue of oppression. While acknowledging the urgent necessity of transforming security policies at the institutional level, we maintain that ending a culture of sexual violence on campus must engage with multiple strategies and knowledge-sharing, in which students are not mere recipients of new security policies, but important actors in the very process of articulating, analyzing, and practicing a more radically democratic kind of security, community, and safe(r) space.

Post Script from York U by [York Students] Brittaney Caron, Alyssa Teekah and Melanie Redford in the same issue. York University members full text here. Excerpt: Three years after the activities in the preceeding article took place, the  culture of violence at York University persists. According to an article in York’s student newspaper, Excalibur, dated September 23rd, 2009, “Since January 2007, there have been 15 reported sexual assaults and 10 reported assaults causing bodily harm on campus, according to York security logs……”


Anti Violence Project:  Innovative on campus education program from the University of Victoria. Great collection of resources including magnets, like the one pictured on this page, and some pretty hot postcards.