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social media as space of meeting

For all my dear friends and colleagues who are mystified, delightedly mystified, i think, about social media,


This is mainly generational, but not completely, you should know.  Friends who cheerfully call themselves luddites, colleague/friends who relish their self label of dinosaur (you know who you are! Yes. You.).  So this post is not to proselytize.  I don’t for a second think that everyone can or should do this stuff.  BUT, perhaps those folk might be interested in a little illustration of how these things work, that is, the ways in which they are not simply about the technology, but about different modes of sharing ideas.

I think of myself as a person who loves technology, but not for it’s own sake. I want it to help me do what i want to do or give me new ideas about what i want to do.  I usually don’t want to be a “early adopter” – I would prefer that someone else sort through the growing pains, wait till it becomes cheaper and better, and then I want to get in on it.  Otherwise it is too much wasted initial effort of getting up to speed and too many closets full of devices quickly abandoned or “upgraded” (you know who you are too).

For instance, technology helps me procrastinate more passionately.

But it isn’t all that. And “social media” as a subset of technology, enables connections that you might not otherwise be able to make.  Allow me to illustrate with a short collection of tweets between strangers.  Do not be alarmed – this will only take a minute. And it is easy because wordpress allows simple embedding of tweets! Ignore that last sentence if you find it bewildering, or too much information.

I was messing around searching what pops up on twitter if you search #ff (which stands for follow friday, but designates a Tweet in which someone is recommending another twitterer) & feminist (I do this sometimes during moments where i’m “watching” kids movies and shows with my kids, this is a kind of multitasking that, in my view does no harm, because if the show gets problematic, I can hear that happening, demand a pause, force a discussion of the problem, and then get back to my internet messing around). Anyway, this did:

So, i went to check out the Ladydrawers, because that sounded interesting, doesn’t it? Main ladydrawers site here, and the fashion race sex gender project here.
The tweet and the comic made me think (kids also wanted to see them, which obviously is better than TV, so yay for multitasking). On twitter, I said:

(referencing @beatonna is me “tagging” one of my favourite comic authors, Kate Beaton, the artist/author behind Hark, A Vagrant (book & blog) – remember strawfeminists? She will get a little notice that she was mentioned and who knows maybe she is interested and if not easy enough for her to ignore).

@sambradd, whose #ff started this for me, immediately sent me a tip about another artist I should check out, in the process alerting that artist to the conversation by putting her twitter name into his tweet:

And the @ladydrawers folks noted:

And then @makerofnets, the artist Kara Sievewright, also chimed in

You should have a look at her things –
for povnet

Every Tool Shapes the Task from PovNet Society on Vimeo.

her blog is here

Finally, (or at least finally for now), I thought I might have something that these artists might be interested in, and so I wrote

That is me sending all the people in the conversation a link to the IFLS post on Mikimosis and the Wetiko, (“project by the Indigenous Law Research Clinic (Faculty of Law, University of Victoria), the Indigenous Bar Association and the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada, and funded by the Ontario Law Foundation.” see here for the project website), because given the conversation thus far, and the fact that both Bradd and Sievewright are located in BC, they might be truly interested and curious.

So that’s in a nutshell what I get out of it. the possibility of tossing out ideas, making quick connections, sharing the excellent work of others. Whether this turns into anything (possible collaboration on knowledge dissemination a la Mikimosis & the Wetiko, or Feminist Legal moments in graphic form) is another story – but that is always the case with these connections, isn’t it, even the ones you make at the coffee table at CLSA. And browsing through the work of the artists here – really fabulous.

tentative benefits
1. Fast (though it definitely takes time & needs discipline to not take all your time, the interactions described above happened relatively quickly – it’s the volume of what you might do on social media is the problem.
2. doesn’t have to be intellectually vacant
3. allows connection with similar interests across disciplines and outside the academy
Hope you enjoy/understand. If you already understood social media, you probably aren’t still reading.