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grad student job opportunity: research on gender equality in EU policy processes

I’m very pleased to be working with the IFLS as the graduate student coordinator!  One of my goals for the coming year is to find new ways for the IFLS to support JD and grad students interested in feminist legal studies.  On that note, here is an interesting grad student job opportunity from the Centre for Feminist Research (CFR) at York:

Interested in gender studies?  Interested in European studies? Interested in policy studies?

We currently looking to hire graduate research assistants on a recently-funded Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council research program that brings together scholars and policymakers from Canada and Europe to study how the problem of gender inequality is (and is not addressed) in European Union policy processes.

Ideally, you are:

-an MA or PhD student in a social science discipline

-have some background in gender studies (e.g., relevant coursework)

-have some background in and/or are interested in European and policy studies.

If you are interested, please send a letter of interest along with your your academic transcripts and a resume/CV to: hmacrae@yorku.ca.
Prof. Heather MacRae Department of Political Science York University

You can learn more about Dr MacRae’s work here.


Gendering the Ontario Social Assistance Review

“Our call to ensure the Social Assistance Review takes a gendered equity approach is therefore a call to recognize, understand, and account for the complex realities of the lives of women so that our social assistance systems can more effectively support them in all the roles they perform. We urge the Commission to take a gendered equity perspective to its work in making recommendations on Ontario’s social assistance systems.”

The IFLS has been working with YWCA Toronto, the Income Security Advocacy Centre and a host of other Ontario organizations in a group effort to ensure that the current Social Assistance Review process pays attention to gender.   This week, we sent a letter to the Commissioners, making our case.  You can read the full text of the letter here and read more about the Workshop we hosted here.