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Day* old tweets (* may be slightly optimistic)

somewhat messy looking birdONE thing about Rob Ford

[because this quote is TOO fantastic] ♥ APerry re Ford: “The first rule of white club is you do not speak abt whiteness. This is perhaps esp true in Canada” http://bit.ly/1dbFqSG 

The challenge of pictures….

[this week the LSUC released the news that Ryerson won the contract to deliver the LPP.  The OBA, involved somehow with the Ryerson efforts, announced the arrival of the somewhat controversial program with a picture that…surprised me]

what is your reaction to this,  ontario  lawyer  WOC ? photo from OBA webpage re  LPP . 2nd tier? pic.twitter.com/fEoTJ1BVaQ

cover page of OBA website - four women, at least three visible minorities, in a law library type space.  Headline underneath: Alternatives to articling.


Join in/Nominate/Submit

Big Berkshire Conference on the  History of  Women in  Toronto May 2014 Early Bird $$ till Jan.15 h/t MJMossman

Social Policy Assoc ‏@SocialPolicyUK CFP  Feminist Review on ‘The Politics of Austerity’: http://bit.ly/167wsmy 

LSA “2nd Half Century Junior Scholars [short] Essay Competition” http://bit.ly/Ip23sk  see the question and details on LSA website.

know a worthy candidate? “Laura Legge Award recognizes Ont  women  lawyers who exemplify  leadership ” http://bit.ly/HSt2w8   Nominate

At the Law Schools


RT @KatieBrack: Excellent “What I learned at law school: The poor need not apply”  Osgoode  Tuition http://www.theglobeandmail.com/life/facts-and-arguments/what-i-learned-at-law-school-the-poor-need-not-apply/article15443887/ dashboard/follows/ … @

1/2  Accessibility of lawschool ($$ & otherwise) = defining issue, bc of the impact it has on other critical issues. Who’s in the building?

2/2 what gets understood, demanded, built on? who will be  lawyers  lawprofs  judges in our future? What is this  profession abt?  service


Thanks Osgoode  Feminist Collective for making/taking space in the  lawschool. Presence matters. pic.twitter.com/FdlAl6XkQN

photo of posters describing "why i am a feminist" up at the law school


Events you Missed

(you wish you were there): Emma Cunliffe (UBC) at York

(you may be relieved to have missed this) I become Highly Irritated at the Munk Debate:“the end of men”

@ munk debate on the end of men w/ @blberger (not obsolete – he got the tix). Already quite annoyed. http://www.munkdebates.com/ 

Maybe this poster explains my annoyance? Strangely, @Blberger does not seem to find my asides as funny as i do. pic.twitter.com/CYaBiidjZq

[during the debate]

So many refs to animal procreation: feels like popculture sociobiologists convention.  MunkDebate @blberger still doesnt think i’m funny

Rosin wants to help men, as their era of dominance ends. Paglia (con) is concerned abt feminist denigration of men & end of female glamour.

I just….cannot. Audience giggling. @blberger say not usual  Munkdebate form. So, this aint an intersectional space.

Given this  munkdebate is clearly just an intellectual jello wrestle, seems churlish to point to lack of intersectional analysis excpt class

Here @munkdebate class analysis=way to hide, not reveal, plutocrat driven rising inequality. Oh wait! Here we go It isnt gender but class.

1 i like Caitlin Moran best = proof of problem 2 Toronto room, primed on Ford, v sympathetic to poor working class men.

Now Naomi Wolf is here via tape talking about …oh, anyway. Now: but patriarchy is alive & well in (name country white ppl dont live)

Rosin is, to be fair, taking that on. It was Rudyard Griffith (moderator) who made the claim

Rosin talking abt swedish mat leave of a year. Does she know what country this is? @blberger says “we” always =US at  munkdebates

Now is the part where we reassure the men that this is all about how we love then.  bechdelfail

[post debate conclusion]

16 Nov @kootenaydreams debate not worth taking too seriously in the end, which i suppose was the point. Women – not to be taken seriously.







Round Up of items from the Web: Wanrow, Clothes, and a dean search…

To begin,a talk from Donna Coker (UMiami Law).  She’s talking about the Wanrow case, not one I have studied before, but truly fascinating (link is to Wikipedia, not the judgment, which is here).  Here’s part of what she says at Feminist Law Professors about the talk:

The “story” describes a fascinating account of both feminist and Native American activism on fair trial rights for women.

Sold! She talks about the case, the lawyers, the defendant – it’s a chapter in the upcoming “Criminal Law Stories”, of which Coker is a co-editor.  Canadian women’s law stories, anyone?  Imagine it. Glorious.

My ongoing obsession (furthered by slutwalk discussions) about how feminists can grab attention for public projects without using sexist/racist tropes appreciated this discussion over at sociological images of this poster from a German human rights group.

In where fashion meets inclusion and activism, two little things – not slutwalk! First, also from WISI, Resport – a sports hijab.  You may recall news reports about girls banned from various sports because of the hijab or niqab – this sleek design is intended to solve any safety issues and account for religious belief.  Second, I have been really enjoying hearing the CBC radio reporting on Izzy Camillieri’s new Toronto boutique which sells clothes for a “seated clientele” – in other words, women who use wheelchairs.  It got me thinking about “what is activism” and “how to make a difference” – the testimonials from women who checked out the clothes all were clear about what a difference the availability of adaptable, professional and relatively affordable clothes would mean to them – and it was a big, big deal.   And the clothes are pretty amazing too. Here’s IZ Adaptive Clothing’s “Press” page., Having the “right” things to wear – to accommodate belief, rules, comfort, professional roles – these things really matter in terms of being and feeling welcome in a particular space.  Sometimes activism requires insisting that the context change and accept different modes of dress. Sometimes, though, that approach might miss a more obvious and meaningful improvement….

Finally,this post from Brian Leiter describes a scene from Wisconsin’s Dean search – and raises the question – what is the blogger’s responsibility for what goes on in comments? Widely read blogger Ann Althouse, who is a prof at Wisconsin, profiled the candidates and then asked

for “comments” from her readers, who then proceed to trash and insult the candidates for Dean of her school!  Wow!

The “trashing” was a lovely stew of racism and homophobia, as I understand it.  I haven’t seen it – the post is still up – but shows 0 comments.

Why Celebrate IWD? We have ideas.

I was speaking to a prominent feminist activist last week and I asked on behalf of some students whether she’d like to come and speak to a panel International Women’s Day – next Tuesday!
Her response?

There’s f[. ] all to celebrate

Well, yes. Good point, good reason. But.  Could we do something with that?  Strategically, critically?
In honour of International Women’s Day, students at Osgoode Hall (our International Legal Partnership in partnership with the Institute of Feminist Legal Studies (IFLS) and Women’s Caucus) are presenting a week of events on the theme: 

Ending Impunity for Sexual and Gender Based Violence: a Week of Advocacy and Awareness

I’ve mentioned some of the events already.  Got to http://bit.ly/endingsgbv to see the complete list.

Yesterday we invited members of the Osgoode community, staff, students and faculty, to think about and express their reasons for celebrating.

Check out what they “said” in the pics and slide show below.  Click on pics for full size version. Ditto slide show.

If you need to download your own photo to show your mom (or your kid) what you wrote, try this flickr link.