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Sexism, Racism, And Swimming

Former IFLS visitor Sarah Keenan (now at SOAS), over at Racialicious, unpacks the chatter about Ye Shiwen’s record-breaking.

Sexism, Racism, And Swimming At The London 2012 Olympics

…like all Olympic medallists, Ye has been tested for banned substances, and has come up clean. But that’s not enough for thousands of armchair commentators who have suddenly become self-appointed experts on what could possibly be the ‘natural’ physique and capabilities of a Chinese girl.


Lose the case, win the game[s]: Women's ski jumping

Image: http://www.girlscantwhat.com/who-says-girls-cant-ski-jump/


Women’s ski jumping finally approved as Olympic sport – ESPN.

“The inclusion of these events … is sure to be appreciated by athletes and sports fans alike,” IOC president Jacques Rogge said. “These are exciting, entertaining events that perfectly complement the existing events on the sports program, bring added appeal and increase the number of women participating at the Games.”

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