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NIP: Feminist Perspectives on Tort Law

Lovely lineup here from eds. Richardson (Monash) and Rackley (Durham; she will visit the IFLS in July 2012), including two from Canada (Osgoode’s Dayna Scott and UVic’s Elizabeth Adjin-Tettey).

Feminist Perspectives on Tort Law Routledge (link to publisher’s website)

1: Introduction, Janice Richardson and Erika Rackley

2: Duty of Care and Ethic of Care: Irreconcilable Difference?, Jenny Steele

3. Endgame: On Negligence and Reparation for Harm, Nicky Priaulx

4.Pollution and the Body Boundary: Exploring Scale, Gender and Remedy, Dayna Nadine Scott

5. Trust in the police? Police Negligence, Invisible Immunity and Disadvantaged Claimants, Kirsty Horsey;

6. Knowledge and Power in Drug Testing and Promotion: The Adverse Effects on Women’s Health, Patricia Peppin;

7. The Standard of Care in Medical Negligence– Still Reasonably Troublesome?, José Miola;

8. The Sexual Politics of Privacy Law and Theory, Janice Richardson; 9. Tort claims for Rape: More Trials, Fewer Tribulations?, Nikki Godden;

10. Sexual Wrongdoing: Do the Remedies Reflect the Wrong?, Elizabeth Adjin-Tettey;

11. Damaging Stereotypes: the Return of ‘Hoovering as a Hobby’, Reg Graycar

See Routledge’s entire Feminist Perspectives series here.