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While IFLS’s roundtable tomorrow on the Lori Douglas inquiry has been cancelled because of the ongoing labour disruption on the York campus, there is this panel, that I’m on, as past of the Law and the Curated Body Conference put on by a team including my colleague Prof. Faisal Bhabha

from the conference website:

The First Conference of Its Kind.

Law and the Curated Body is an interdisciplinary conference focusing on socio-legal, curatorial, historical and cultural research that considers the intersection of bodily performance (whether legal-professional, theatrical, quotidian and aesthetic) with normative and epistemological frameworks (including doctrine, policy, spirituality, and ethics).

New understandings of curating in the visual and performing arts draw on a long history of acknowledging the curatorial endeavour as a catalyst for personal and social transformation. Similarly, the centrality of the relational encounter as a site for social transformation through law is increasingly prevalent in theoretical understandings of human rights, legal ethics, criminal justice, legal pluralism and alternative dispute resolution.

Law and the Curated Body will feature innovative and interdisciplinary presentations and workshops exploring these interconnected themes from theoretical, experiential, doctrinal and practice-based perspectives.




2:30 pm


Karen Busby (University of Manitoba Faculty of Law), “Unimaginable Ostracism and Lurid Examination: Lori Douglas and the CJC”

Sonia Lawrence (Osgoode Hall Law School), “The Word Made Flesh: Policing Judicial Images in the Digital Age”

Susan G. Drummond (Osgoode Hall Law School), “Curating the Gaze: Who Looked, and How, in the Douglas Inquiry?”The Law Society of Upper Canada, Lower Barristers’ Lounge


March 12 at IFLS: Judicial Bodies, Ethics and Investigations. Re: ACJ Lori Douglas

StrikeThursday March 12ACJLDMarch12
1230 to 2 IKB Rm. 2027
Light Lunch  Please RSVP to Lielle Gonsalves LGonsalves@osgoode.yorku.ca
This roundtable will consider the saga of ACJ (Manitoba) Lori Douglas, who faced an Inquiry by the Canadian Judicial Council after (inter alia) her husband posted photographs of her on the internet. Did this bring into question her credibility as a judge? Or were the proceedings just “victim blaming couched as legitimate judicial inquiry”? What lessons can we draw from the way the Inquiry unfolded?

with:   Sheila Block, Molly Reynolds (‘08) & Sarah Whitmore (‘10) Torys LLP (Counsel for ACJ Douglas); Prof Susan Drummond; Esther Mendelsohn, Osgoode 2L; ­­­­Dean Lorne Sossin

Poster for sharing here

Case shows the perils of being a woman – Karen Busby on Justice Lori Douglas’ case in the WFreeP

Case shows the perils of being a woman – Winnipeg Free Press.

The CJC inquiry vividly demonstrates the risks sexually violated women face. Will those who sit in judgment of her change the conversation?

See also the injunctive relief Douglas won late Friday:   http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/manitoba/lori-douglas-wins-temporary-ban-on-nude-photos-at-disciplinary-hearing-1.2845382

Lori Douglas: ‘Victim-blaming couched as legitimate judicial inquiry’

in Canadian Lawyer mag.  Written by Jasmine Akbarali & Gillian Hnatiw, partners @ Lerners LLP’s & Gillian Hnatiw

‘Victim-blaming couched as legitimate judicial inquiry: Lori Douglas is the victim of a sexual crime; her public re-victimization is just plain wrong.’

A little roundup (for instance, Bill C-36 has passed the Senate)

1.  The only thing left is for the Protection of Communities and Exploited Persons Act is  Royal Assent.  See the LEGISinfo page on the bill here.   This was always one possible response to the ruling in Bedford.  Here’s Brenda Cossman on the issue in the Globe from last December and here are law profs Hughes, MacDonnell and Pearlston’s piece we posted earlier this year:  The Appeal of Asymmetrical Criminalization.

2. “Patriarchy: it’s quite a system. It works. Whiteness too.” have a look at @SaraNAhmed‘s blog post “White Men” about any number of things about white men as norm.  She’s uses the academy as an example, often.  It’s a good read.  #feministkilljoy bit.ly/1x9ym2v

3.  Best article yet on what us all learning about Ghomeshi means. Nothing or nothing good – either we learned nothing at all, or we’re claiming that all the things we have seen happen in the past, all the women harmed, all the dead women, weren’t enough to catch our attention.  Denise Balkissoon says it better, stronger: @balkissoon m.theglobeandmail.com/globe-debate/s…

4. I’m waiting on the written reasons in the Lori Douglas case (still, forever, interminably) before a (new) CJC panel.  The latest in this increasingly (i know, you would never think that it could actually get worse, but I assure you, it’s getting worse) bananas saga.  Who would like to write about this, please? I’ve got my concerns about the case, but the fact that the CJC committee is going to look at the photos…. I will post or tweet when the reasons come out.

5. Street Harassment:  What’s better than a viral video about a white woman walking around New York illustrating just how much street harassment she’s facing?  The fact that all the white men were edited out?  I had some moments on twitter about this one.  I think I leaned towards educative function of academics on twitter but you may disagree.

like most others – not a new problem. Deirdre Davis, 1993 article on street harassment of black women is a *key crit race feminism piece.

look, you can learn more this Friday in Toronto about this history – Coolie Woman!