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Feminist Friday March 3: “Vulnerability, Equality and Environmental Justice: The Potential and Limits of Law” Professor Sheila Foster,

The paper is linked below and a brief description provided.

Institute for Feminist Legal Studies Feminist Friday March 3 

1230-230 in Osgoode Hall Law School 2027  RSVP HERE: www.osgoode.yorku.ca/research/rsvp

“Vulnerability, Equality and Environmental Justice: The Potential and Limits of Law” Professor Sheila Foster,

Vulnerability, Equality & Environmental Justice: The Potential and Limits of Law Professor Sheila R. Foster (Fordham Law) Friday March 3 1230-230 2027 Osgoode Hall Law School Ignat Kaneff Building http://bit.ly/RSVPOSGOODESheila R. Foster is University Professor and the Albert A. Walsh Professor of Real Estate, Land Use and Property Law at Fordham University. She is also the faculty co-director of the Fordham Urban Law Center. She served as Vice Dean of the Law School from 2011-2014 and Associate Dean for Academic Affairs from 2008-2011. Professor Foster is the author of numerous publications on land use, environmental law, and antidiscrimination law. Her early work was dedicated to exploring the intersection of civil rights and environmental law, in a field called “environmental justice.” Her most recent work explores the legal and theoretical frameworks in which urban land use decisions are made. Land use scholars voted her article on Collective Action and the Urban Commons (Notre Dame Law Review, 2011) as one of the 5 best (out of 100) articles on land use published that year. Professor Foster is the recipient of two Ford Foundation grants for her on environmental justice and urban development. Professor Foster is also the coauthor of a recent groundbreaking casebook, Comparative Equality and Antidiscrimination Law: Cases, Codes, Constitutions and Commentary (Foundation Press, 2012). She has taught and conducted research internationally in Switzerland, Italy, France, England, Austria, Colombia, Panama, and Cuba.

In this paper and talk, Prof. Foster suggests that one way to “to better integrate equality norms into environmental decision making — is through the lens of vulnerability. From an equality standpoint, legal theorists have advanced vulnerability as an alternative to the limitations of anti discrimination law and as a more robust conception of the role of the state in protecting vulnerable populations. In the environmental context, social vulnerability analysis and metrics have long been employed to assess and address the ways that some subpopulations are more susceptible to the harms from climate change and environmental hazard events like hurricanes and floods. The use of vulnerability, either as a policy framework or as social science, has not been utilized much in the pollution context to capture the array of factors that shape the susceptibility of certain places and populations to disproportionate environmental hazard exposure. This limitation suggests that a fertile area of research is how to utilize vulnerability metrics in regulatory and legal analysis to better protect these populations and communities.”

All are welcome to join us for this talk.  Lunch will be available, so please do RSVP so that we can ensure sufficient quantity