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Mark your Calendar: Osgoode Women's Caucus Tea: Monday October 17, 2011 1230-230

How lovely! I love tea.  I have a complicated relationship with Person’s Day, (click for my reasons or click here for a visual representation),

but I do like tea. Hope to see you at this Osgoode Women’s Caucus event.  It was fun, and delicious, last year.

Meet and mingle with women’s caucus members, feminist and feminist-friendly faculty

October 17, 2011, 1230-230, Room 2011, Osgoode Hall Law School, York University.

Happy Persons Day, Canada! A Roundup

It’s the anniversary of the JCPC decision in the famous Edwards case about whether the phrase “qualified persons” in the British North America Act, 1867 (in other words, the what is now the Constitution of Canada) included “women”.  Apparently, it did (does).   This link says that it was disappointing that Emily Murphy, one of the Famous Five women who brought the challenge (see them on the $50 bill),  wasn’t appointed to the Senate – but that’s a nice little can of worms for feminists like me.  I’m not particularly disappointed.  Have you read The Black Candle? Emily Murphy’s career as a magistrate and writer means we know  quite a bit about her views on race and drugs, inter alia.  What I know, I don’t like.  Here’s how one site tries to explain her views on immigration.

What can we do to celebrate this big day? You could read and quibble with thecourt.ca’s selection of the 10 most significant women’s rights cases since 1929.   If Person’s Day feels a bit too celebratory to you, consider West Coast Leaf’s CEDAW report card for British Columbia and ask if you can celebrate BC’s move from a D average to a C-.   Maybe, like the Osgoode Hall Women’s Caucus, you could think about participating in the Toronto Take Back the Night event this Friday.