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'what it says on the tin': Feminism Then and Now

this+is+what+feminism+looks+likeh/t to Sarah Keenan (former IFLS visitor now on Faculty at SOAS) for the text of Camille Kumar’s talk and Sarah’s brief and pointed introduction.  In the digital “pages” of Feminists@Law.  A short read worth your time.

For feminism to be what it says on the tin, it must be continually evolving, shifting and diversifying; where patriarchy seeks to enforce authority, feminism seeks to declare privilege; where patriarchy seeks to create a single ‘rationalised’ truth and repress all else, feminism seeks to simultaneously hold many truths and be the witness bearer to secrets; and where patriarchy seeks to divide, subjugate and conquer, feminism seeks connection, equality and collective struggle.


via Feminism Then and Now | Kumar | feminists@law.