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Video break: Courting Justice in SAfrica (thanks to FeministLawProfessors.com)

Link to Christine Corcos’s Feminist Law Professors post on this issue.   Her original post also offers an SSRN link to a paper reviewing Courting Justice, entitled Gender and the Judiciary in South Africa: A Review of the Documentary Film Courting Justice. Thank you Christine for pointing me to this deeply interesting film about South Africa, race, gender, and judging.

More on the film from Women Make Movies.

Courting Justice takes viewers behind the gowns and gavels to reveal the women who make up 18 percent of South Africa’s male-dominated judiciary. Hailing from diverse backgrounds and entrusted with enormous responsibilities, these pioneering women share with candor, and unexpected humor, accounts of their country’s transformation since apartheid, and the evolving demands of balancing their courts, country, and families.

Here is a link to a South African newspaper piece on the film.

Johannesburg Judge Mathilde Masipa believes that the changing profile of the Bench is increasing the legitimacy of the court. “In the past, people would stay away from the court and rather sort things out themselves. Now they see black people and women on the Bench and they say maybe, if you want justice, the high court is where you go.”