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CBC radio Ideas to confront "The Gender Trap" tonight & tomorrow night

Ideas: CBC Radio.

Wednesday, April 25
For the past 20 years we’ve been hearing the claims from pop psychology to neuroscience: men and women, boys and girls, have different brains. The books are plentiful: Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus, The Female Brain, The Essential Difference. The idea that males and females are hard-wired to learn differently, making them better suited for specific professions, has taken hold.

Yet some neuroscientists and psychologists believe this leads to unhealthy gender stereotyping.

IDEAS producer Mary O’Connell explores the debate.

Thursday, April 26
In May, 2011, a Toronto family decided not to reveal the sex of their newborn baby. Only nine people in the world know whether baby Storm is a boy or a girl. The parents believe that gender, more than race and class, constricts individual identity. When the story of Storm became public, controversy ensued.

IDEAS producer Mary O’Connell takes up the story and the debate.

Osgoode's Kate Sutherland @lawandlit on CBC re: Adrienne Rich

hi-adrienne-rich2-620.jpgMy always interesting colleague Kate Sutherland, aka @lawandlit and she blogs sometimes here and sometimes here, writes about many things including torts, defamation and tech (find some of that work here) and is a writer of fiction, was on the Sunday Edition yesterday, talking about Adrienne Rich.

I missed it but luckily, it’s available on the CBC website.  The segment starts at about 29:30 of this link.

Michael Enright in conversation with law professor Kate Sutherland about the poet and essayist, Adrienne Rich, who died at the end of March. 

The New York Times calls Rich a poet of “towering reputation and towering rage who brought the oppression of women and lesbians to the forefront.”