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Visiting the IFLS: Ruth Fletcher, Queen Mary University London

Photograph of Dr. Ruth FletcherWe’re very pleased to have a short visit (return!) from Dr. Ruth Fletcher this summer.  Her work is focused on medical law and while she is here, she’s working on a host of different things, at the moment.  Here is a small slice:

A Feminist Legal Studies symposium next summer on feminism, legality and knowledge.  Save the date! (June 30-July1 2016).  Dr Fletcher is the lead editor at FLS, here’s a recent Editorial on the submission process:  http://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s10691-015-9283-7 ,

She is also a part of the  REvaluing Care network http://revaluingcare.net (you can find her comments at http://revaluingcare.net/making-law-liveable-bringing-feminist-knowledge-of-care-into-the-curriculum/ and http://revaluingcare.net/peripheral-thinking-and-abortion-care/).  There is an edited collection forthcoming with Routledge Social Justice Series in 2016, including her chapter ‘Strangeness in Transnational Spaces’

Her interest in abortion law is also evident throughout her work, see for instance this human rights compliant legislation for Ireland drafted by feminist academic lawyers: http://journals.kent.ac.uk/index.php/feministsatlaw/issue/view/16 and http://humanrights.ie/gender-sexuality-and-the-law/an-ihrl-compliant-post-8th-amendment-abortion-law-for-ireland-repealthe8th/
Her faculty page at QMUL is here, and includes information about her research, teaching and publications.
Osgoode folks interested in connecting with Dr. Fletcher during her visit (to end of August) should get in touch with the IFLS co directors.