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A storify re: Reclaiming our Narratives: Racial and Gender Profiling in Toronto

Storify just collects tweets, so you can use it to tell a story about an event or issue.  Here’s one I put together after attending this event, (you can see the event announcement here).
It was great. Congratulations to the organizers on a really well put together public event.  I met some really great women, learned a lot, had feelings and thoughts at the same time (!), wallowed in being one of the oldest people in the room.  Sometimes folks ask me, what’s up with the younger feminists, what are they reading, what are they doing, what are they thinking?  Here’s one piece of the answer.  Been to any really great events related to feminism and law lately? Want to post about them, even after the fact? About the experience of being there? Let me know.



[Call for Papers] Indigenous-African relations across the Americas

This conference is happening at York in 2011, the Centre for Feminist Research is involved and the main organizer is York Indigenous Studies Professor Bonita Lawrence.

Our Legacy: Indigenous-African Relations Across the Americas
April 29, 30 and May 1, 2011  York University, Toronto, Canada

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