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More on Trinity Western University's proposed Law School

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Ottawa law Profs Jena McGill, Angela Cameron & others wrote for the National Post… Why Trinity Western University should not have a law school.

The crux of the issue is how the discrimination and institutional environment at TWU impacts the ability of the school to teach law. In order to permit entry into a provincial or territorial law society (as determined by the Federation), the law degree program must meet national standards in its curriculum. Those standards require critical thinking about ethical and legal issues. No person can truly think critically from one pre-determined lens, in this case, a lens mandated by TWU.

The Post has otherwise been publishing a number of pieces arguing the other side.  Here, from Don Hutchinson vice-president and general legal counsel with The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada, here, from NP Columnist Johnathan Kay and here a response to McGill, Cameron et al, from Barbara Kay.



New Canadian/Feminist/Legal blog via U of O: Blogging for Equality

Particularly exciting since U of O Law has such a deep bench of interesting and dynamic feminist legal thinkers – and that’s just the Faculty that I know! I look forward to following this one.

Blogging for Equality

Welcome to Blogging for Equality. We are a group of women staff, community members, and law professors and from the University of Ottawa  and beyond seeking to utilize blogging technologies to share our views on a number of current issues of interest to the legal community and beyond. We will post Op-Eds, articles we are working on, and just plain blog posts. We will also publish upcoming feminist events at the Faculty and beyond. Please feel free to browse around. Enjoy.