Of Unknown Histories and Small Archives: The Fragility of Women's Lives' – Podium

Of Unknown Histories and Small Archives: The Fragility of Women’s Lives’ – 

This did seem almost the definition of poignant (at Munk Centre, U of T):

Professor Uma Chakravarty explores questions about individual lives and dramatic historical events, the ‘small’ personal archive, and women’s quests for freedom through a poignant filmic journey.

The protagonist in her film ‘A Quiet Little Entry’ is Subbalakshmi who lived out her life on the fringes of history on the salt pans of the Cholamandalam coast of South India. She was and remains an ‘unknown’ woman except perhaps for a brief period of association with the illustrious and scholarly Chattopadhyaya family –Mrinalini, Harindranath, and his wife Kamaladevi. A quirk of fate in early childhood gave her the written word which became her window into the wider world when social and domestic imperatives cut off her participation in the national movement. For the rest of her life, Subbalakshmi continued to mark her resistance in small ways and left behind fragments of paper as her archive

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