Neo-Feminism / Prof. Aya Gruber (Colorado) October 1 230PM

Neo Feminism poster (all information in the post)IFLS Speakers Series 2014-15

IKB (Osgoode Hall) 2027
Wed. Oct. 1, 230-4PM


Prof. Aya Gruber (Colorado Law)

Far from being moribund, feminist legal theory is breaking from its somewhat dogmatic past and forging ahead with new vigor. Many modern feminist legal scholars seek innovative ways to better the legal, social, and economic status of women while simultaneously questioning some of the more troubling moves of second-wave feminism, such as the tendency to essentialize the woman’s experience, the turn to authoritarian state policies, and the characterization of women as pure objects or agents. These “neofeminists” prioritize women’s issues but maintain a strong commitment to distributive justice and recognize that subordination exists on multiple axes. In defining “neofeminism,” Professor Gruber will examine how the troubling nature of certain second-wave feminist principles engendered new schools of feminist thought, illustrating this process in the domestic violence law reform context.


Professor Gruber joined the University of Colorado Law School faculty as a professor of law in 2010. Prior to her appointment at Colorado, she was a professor of law at the University of Iowa College of Law and a founding faculty member at Florida International University College of Law, South Florida’s first public law school. Professor Gruber teaches Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure (Investigation), Criminal Procedure (Adjudication), and other courses related to criminal law and critical theory. After law school, Professor Gruber clerked on the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida and then served as a felony trial attorney with the Public Defender Service in Washington, D.C. and Federal Public Defender in Miami. Professor Gruber’s main research areas are substantive criminal law (emphasizing victim’s rights, race, and gender); criminal procedure, feminist legal theory, and national security and foreign relations law.


Light refreshments will be provided

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