Law firms, the ideology of hypercompetitiveness, and gender, PLUS

Well, this is a link to a link.   I wanted to highlight Jotwell – The Journal of Things We Like (Lots), and this way I can cram two good things into one short post.

First, Jotwell – a really neat (if highly US-centric) idea for a blog. Here is the Jotwell Mission Statement,but in a nutshell, Jotwell offers pithy and smart arguments about what you should read and why (well, part of why is that someone liked it “lots”).

Second, an article recommended by Carole Silver on Jotwell:

Eli Wald, Glass Ceilings and Dead Ends: Professional Ideologies, Gender Stereotypes, and the Future of Women Lawyers at Large Law Firms, 78 Fordham L. Rev. 2245 (2010) (part of a symposium, The Economic Downturn at the Legal Profession).

The article looks at changes at law firms, which currently adhere to an ideology of “hypercompetitiveness”.   Hint, hypercompetitiveness and family friendly policies aren’t friends.   In fact, I haven’t read the article yet. I’m relying on Carole Silver’s Jotwell recommendation and precis, which included other references since Georgetown Prof. Silver is an expert in the field.  A great introduction to an article that I was unlikely to come across by chance.  Now, it’s on my list.

My sense is that there’s not a great deal of feminist/gender/equality stuff noted on Jotwell, although there certainly seems to be more lately.  I still think it’s worth keeping an eye on.  Here’s another interesting recommendation (for an article about cyber harassment of women):

Want to know more about Jotwell?

Ok. Here are two little bits.

Jotwell wants to hear from you….

Jotwell: The Journal of Things We Like (Lots) seeks short reviews of (very) recent scholarship related to the law that the reviewer likes and thinks deserves a wide audience. The ideal Jotwell review will not merely celebrate scholarly achievement, but situate it in the context of other scholarship in a manner that explains to both specialists and non-specialists why the work is important.

Although critique is welcome, reviewers should choose the subjects they write about with an eye toward identifying and celebrating work that makes an original contribution, and that will be of interest to others. First-time contributors may wish to consult the Jotwell Mission Statement for more information about what Jotwell seeks, and what it seeks to achieve.

Last but not least, before you ask where the Jotwell “gender” or “feminism” or “equality” section is, I wondered about it and found this in the FAQ section:

Why don’t you have a section on my favorite topic in law?

We’d like to. Jotwell launched with a limited number of legal subject areas in order to ensure an adequate staff of section editors and contributors for each subject. But if you would like to work with us to develop a new section, please send us your ideas.

Alright then, any more questions?