IFLS Community/Connections/Commitment CONVERSATIONS series

CommunityConnectionsCommitmentCONVERSATIONS series wordmarkIn the Winter term, the IFLS is starting a Community/Connections/CommitmentConversations series.  This speaker series aims to bring local lawyers and others engaged in feminist advocacy work to the law school to discuss their work and their career paths.  These more informal lunch sessions are aimed at members of the Osgoode & York community (law students and others) who are interested in finding out more about the work that is happening in this city, and the people who are doing it.  How can you get involved? How can you drive your own career in these directions? What are the pressing on the ground issues? How does research connect with activism and advocacy? How do people with formal expertise best connect and work with communities?  What are the major challenges to successful advocacy? What kind of strategies are being used, and how can we build skills in all of these areas?

Sessions will include snacks and time for questions and for the audience to informally chat with visitors and each other.  Come – build feminist community/ies.

Next semester the CommunityConnectionsCommitmentCONVERSATIONS sessions will be Tuesdays:  January 21 and Feb. 4 12:30 to 2:30. Save the date!


Details will be here or via @osgoodeIFLS on twitter or at our Facebook page.

If you have a suggestion about potential speakers, please contact Sonia Lawrence directly (email slawrence at osgoodeDotyorkuDotca)

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