Feminist Legal Studies Queens Conference on Women's Health and Equality

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FEMINIST LEGAL STUDIES QUEEN’S CALL FOR PAPERS  Bodies of Law: Women’s Health and Equality
March 1‐2, 2013 in Kingston, Ontario
The goal of the symposium is to identify how laws affect women’s health and how
improvements in health lead to greater equality. This event will analyze ways in
which gender equality in women’s health is an outcome of legal discourses through
examining law at the provincial and federal levels, the Canadian Charter of Rights
and Freedoms, and international conventions to promote health and equality, such
as the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women
(CEDAW). The symposium is intended to provide a forum to examine proposals for
policy reform to improve women’s health and equality.
FLSQ invites health law and equality specialists, academic and practicing lawyers,
policy analysts, interdisciplinary experts, students in law, health sciences, policy
studies, and other university disciplines, and community representatives to submit
proposals for papers as part of panel discussions to examine the interaction of
equality provisions and health and to identify means of achieving better outcomes.
Proposals are invited on the following issues, as well as on other issues proposed by
those responding to this call for papers:
 Inequalities in gender, Aboriginal status, and mental health as determinants of health
Conceptualizing women’s health and human rights
Assisted human reproduction law: surrogacy, commodification, and cross‐border arrangements
Trafficking in women and body parts
Gender‐specific promotion of tobacco control and obesity prevention through international and domestic law
Criminal and tort law rights regarding pregnancy and abortion
Prisoners’ physical and mental health
Clinical trials and drug regulation: disabling conditions and disadvantage resulting from exclusions and regulatory limitations
Women and HIV/AIDS law
Health images in advertising – tobacco counter‐advertising; pharmaceutical drug promotion
Maternal mortality and reproductive rights
Beijing Conference on Women and Platform for Action revisited
Intellectual disabilities and rights to health
Mental health and law: diagnoses, stigma, and treatment
Sexual abuse by health practitioners
Reproductive health and genetics
Law and policy reform related to any of these substantive topics,based on doctrinal, theoretical, empirical, comparative, or
interdisciplinary approaches.
Call for papers:
Submissions grounded in health, domestic or international law, public policy, social anthropology, history of medicine, sociology, economics, women’s/gender studies, human rights, or political studies are sought.
Date and Location: The conference will be held at the University Club and the Faculty of Law building, Macdonald Hall, at Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario on Friday March 1 and Saturday March 2, 2013.
Submitting paper proposals:
If you are interested in presenting a paper or organizing a panel on a specific issue, please email a short outline of your proposal (a paragraph in length) to Patricia Peppin (at peppinp@queensu.ca) or Bita Amani (at amanib@queensu.ca). A proposal may be made at any time until November 28, 2012. Participation will be confirmed by December 14, 2012.
Travel funding:
When submitting a paper or panel proposal, please indicate whether you would be able to obtain institutional support to attend, or whether you could attend only if you receive funding from Feminist Legal Studies Queen’s.
Attendance without presenting a paper is welcome, as the goal is to discuss a wide variety of equality issues. Contact the organizers to indicate interest and obtain registration information. Some funding is available to assist students to attend. We encourage you to register early. Registration will open on November 15. For further information please contact:

Prof. Patricia Peppin, Conference Coordinator: preppinp@queensu.ca

Prof. Bita Amani, Co‐Director Feminist Legal Studies Queen’s Feminist Legal Studies Queen’s  amanib@queensu.ca

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