Dr. Vrinda Narain : Research Profile in McGill Law mag

McGill Law’s magazine has done a great profile of Vrinda Narain in their latest issue.  Click here to see it.

It looks great (I love the pictures) and the interviewer asked good questions.  I want to start profiling more people here at the IFLS site, but I’m happy to post links to profiles done by professionals!

Enjoy this one.  Here’s Vrinda’s answer thoughtful and blunt answer to a question about the role of academics in discussions about ‘inclusive democracy’:

The role of the academic is to start and pursue an engaged dialog so we can have a more informed debate and an inclusion of perspectives that have been marginalized, particularly Muslim women, racialized women and racialized minority groups…..

To be honest, I don’t know how much of a difference academics can make in all of this but at least we have a conversation going.

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