CFP (deadline July 1): Mothering and Reproduction Conference Motherhood Initiative for Research & Community Involvement

The Motherhood Initiative for Research and Community Involvement is holding the MOTHERING AND REPRODUCTION CONFERENCE featuring an embedded conference on the topic of MOTHERING, SCIENCE, AND TECHNOLOGY October 18-20, 2012, Toronto, ON, Canada.  For consideration, please send a 250-word abstract and a 50-word bio by July 1, 2012 to ** TO SUBMIT AN ABSTRACT FOR THIS CONFERENCE, ONE MUST BE A MEMBER OF MIRCI:

Topics may include but are not restricted to:
Bioethics and fertility; abortion, birth control and assisted fertility in a cross cultural context; reproductive technologies
and the interplay of religion; mothering in families of high order multiple births; mothering on the blogosphere; queer
engagements with reproduction; motherhood and the technological womb; modern childbirth and maternity care;
(mis)educative experiences teaching and learning about menstruation and reproduction; re/productive roles mothers play
in de/constructing embodied understandings of reproduction; surviving traumatic birth experiences; mothers in
academe/research; mothering and the workplace, how technology permeates the work/home barrier; attachment with
adopted and biological children; birth plans; how science and technology inform social justice issues; assisted
reproductive technologies, state policy, and federalism’s impacts on women in the United States and around the world;
reproductive decisions and a politics of location; impact of social media on opinions regarding reproduction; “mothering”
from a distance; the experience of egg donation; mothers’ changing relationship with “the experts” regarding birthing, infant
care in the age of infectious diseases, baby books and birth control; reproductive rights and wrongs, including rise
of contraceptive technology alongside state-coerced sterilization; mothering in the Information Age; maternalist political
rhetoric in favor of labor rights; mothering bodies; pre and postnatal bodies and reconstructive surgery; eating disorders
and reproduction; reproductive consciousness and politics of reproduction; outcomes associated with
scientific/technological intervention; outsourcing of reproduction to developing nations; maternal and erotic/maternal
eroticism; history of reproductive technologies; Indigenous mothers and mothering; cross-cultural perspectives on
reproduction including reproductive technologies.


h/t Bita Amani, Carys Craig

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