Berks Conference on Women's History & some Women's History (Hart House)

If you missed the first run, you can catch Not Behaving like Ladies: An Anecdotal History of Women’s Participation at Hart House
when it returns during the Sixteenth Berkshire Conference on the History of Women being held at U of T this May.

This program for this enormous undertaking is available here.  Have a look at Friday night May 23rd…

630PM to 8PM Reception

hosted by the Institute for Feminist Legal Studies and the Osgoode Society for Canadian Legal History 

U of T Faculty Club, Front Lounge 

and then, Saturday May 24th morning at 1030, come and join me for this powerhouse panel:

Cutting Edge Contributions and Critical Reflections in Canadian Feminist Legal History

ROUNDTABLE (#1002), Hart House East Common Room
Co-sponsored by the Institute for Feminist Legal Studies and the Osgoode Society for Canadian Legal History
Chair: Sonia Lawrence, York University

“The Power of Gender, Race, Disability, and Class in Canadian Legal History.” Constance Backhouse, University of Ottawa

“Gender and Professionalization Projects: Rethinking Stories of Early Women Lawyers.” Mary Jane Mossman, York University

“From Collective Genealogy to the Intersections of Law and Individuals’ Family Histories.” Bettina Bradbury, York University

“Not Taking a Break from Feminism: Reflections on Criminal Law on the Aboriginal Plains.” Shelley Gavigan, York University



The panel is being held in Hart House – appealing for a variety of reasons.   Before or after the panel, you can check out Not Behaving Like Ladies – “a group of interviews with twenty-four women who influenced, challenged or participated in Hart House over the past several decades. In 1972, Hart House admitted women as full members, and while the border may have been officially breached on that date, the process of infiltration began much earlier and the impact of women at Hart House continues. To this day, Hart House remains a place where transformations can and do happen in response to the changing nature of our culture, society, and country. This project was conceived as a way to commemorate the stories of women’s participation at Hart House in their own words.”

h/t Mary Jane Mossman on the exhibit  at Hart House, and many thanks to Profs Franca Iacovetta (the main organizer of this Big Berks) and Angela Fernandes (legal historian at U of T law) of U of T for their support of this panel.


There are so many interesting panels – here are a few which might appeal – you can search for times/locations at the Berks program here (this link is to the prelim program) using Ctrl F)

Saturday morning in the first timeslot

Indigenous Women and Mobilization: Idle No More, Before and Beyond
PANEL (#1009), UC A101

Kim Anderson, Wilfrid Laurier.

Chair and Commentator: Winona Wheeler, University of Saskatchewan.

Pamela Palmater , Ryerson University.

Hazel Hill, Haudenosaunee Development Institute.

Tanya Kappo, Lawyer and Activist




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