A Call To Action Canada: Law Firm Diversity

File under other approaches to pushing for diversity at Law Firms.  The mission statement of ACTAC is:

As Corporate Legal Officers, we affirm our commitment to diversity in the legal profession.  Our action is based on the need to enhance opportunity in the legal profession for women and minorities and our recognition that the legal and business interests of our clients require legal representation that reflects the diversity of our employees, customers and the communities where we do business.  In furtherance of this commitment, this is intended to be a Call to Action for the profession generally, in particular for our law departments and for the law firms with which our companies do business.

Third Annual Conference May 17, 2011 click here for brochure, agenda, registration.

One of the sponsors is a firm called “White Men as Full Diversity Partners”. That stopped me in my tracks! Here’s their website and what they do:

Diverse organizational cultures require leaders to understand the range of perspectives held by those surrounding them. Leaders may not recognize how other cultural views are constantly at play within the organization and may miss opportunities to fully engage the talent and energy of others. In particular, white male leaders have often been unaware of their own culture and its impact on themselves and others in the workplace. WHITE MEN AS FULL DIVERSITY PARTNERS, guides leaders to a place of deeper understanding and awareness, heightened cultural competence and transformative leadership.

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