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Siren Call: New feminist student mag at Trinity College (Dublin)

Irish Content for St. Patrick’s Day!

Trinity is a school with a connection to Osgoode – we have an exchange program operating between the two schools. Jean Sutton, one of the co editors of this magazine, was over here last year. She’s been busy since. Have a look:

Trinity College School of Law (SCOIL AN DLÍ) looks slightly idyllic (I’m writing from Toronto in March, mind you). For instance, here is the Trinity College Library:
And as if that wasn’t enough, two former Presidents of Ireland Mary Robinson (former United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights) and Mary McAleese were Faculty Members at TCD, and Ivana Bacik, current Reid Professor of Criminal Law, Criminology and Penology (once held by both the Mary’s mentioned above) is an elected Irish Senator, self described as “a radical new left-wing and feminist voice in the Seanad” (she’s on leave from the school at the moment, of course).
Please book my ticket when you have a moment.

Why Celebrate IWD? We have ideas.

I was speaking to a prominent feminist activist last week and I asked on behalf of some students whether she’d like to come and speak to a panel International Women’s Day – next Tuesday!
Her response?

There’s f[. ] all to celebrate

Well, yes. Good point, good reason. But.  Could we do something with that?  Strategically, critically?
In honour of International Women’s Day, students at Osgoode Hall (our International Legal Partnership in partnership with the Institute of Feminist Legal Studies (IFLS) and Women’s Caucus) are presenting a week of events on the theme: 

Ending Impunity for Sexual and Gender Based Violence: a Week of Advocacy and Awareness

I’ve mentioned some of the events already.  Got to http://bit.ly/endingsgbv to see the complete list.

Yesterday we invited members of the Osgoode community, staff, students and faculty, to think about and express their reasons for celebrating.

Check out what they “said” in the pics and slide show below.  Click on pics for full size version. Ditto slide show.

If you need to download your own photo to show your mom (or your kid) what you wrote, try this flickr link.