picture of emory law school at night.

Where i wish i was this weekend: At an uncomfortable conversation in Atlanta

picture of emory law school at night.It isn’t that I don’t have interesting and fun things on here in Toronto, but check out the lineup at An Uncomfortable Conversation: Vulnerabilities and Identities.

The workshop is on Friday and Saturday in Atlanta at Emory and is part of the ongoing good work of Martha Fineman’s Vulnerability and the Human Condition Initiative, which we’ve posted about a couple of time before (click here for older posts).  This one looks particularly top notch and exciting (osgoode’s Atlanta secret agent, Stu Marvel used the term of art “doozy”).  If you can’t imagine how a conference of legal academics could be so exciting, well…click through the image below for a bigger version, and have a look at the agenda.

The starting point to all the conversations is Fineman’s vulnerability approach, which you can read about in this open source, on SSRN, which provides a good introduction:

or you can take a shortcut by looking at this page on the Initiative’s website, Definitions.  The Initiative also maintains a publications list, here, and they have this great archive of interviews with all their visiting scholars, here. The website really is a treasure trove of stuff with lots of neat corners and great links – and it will spark ideas on how to provide a really useful web resource.    I am going to spend time in there, since I am not going to Atlanta. I know that those two things are not remotely similar but I will take what I can get. poster for the "uncomfortable conversation" listing speakers and topics. click through to the emory website.





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