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Not into twitter? Check out these mini updates from the @osgoodeIFLS twitter feed, below:


  • Sex, Gender & Chemicals: Factoring women into Canada’s chem mgmt plan. NNEWH launch: http://www.bit.ly/uQ9CEx  Nov 17 6:30 to 8 TO ♀’s Bkstr
  • Retweeted by @OsgoodeIFLS judyrebick  The 99%: a community of resistance | Angela Davis http://www.gu.com/p/33c8t/ip  #ows #occupythehood #occupycanada
  • Enjoy Sady Doyle’s #mencallmethings roundup here: http://www.bit.ly/rsj4FF
  • Gloria Steinem: ‘I think we need to get much angrier’ http://www.bit.ly/sSHhxG
  • Now on SSRN: Leila Sadat on gender issues in Int`l Criminal Law – difficult balance for women practitioners & academics http://www.bit.ly/tgF54a
  • longitudinal study, SSRN Paint By Number? How the Race & Gender of Law School Faculty Affect First-Year Curriculum http://www.bit.ly/tgF54a  !!
  • From flf at u manitoba law: Herman Cain and the RCMP make it clear: Workplace sexual harassment persists http://www.flpbd.it/xqyy


  • nfb film if missed CBC today http://www.flpbd.it/4Jt5   RT @Shesaid: Leilani Muir, thk you for being brave & speaking truth to abuse of power.
  • The Death of Planning? A Critical Look at Some Current Urban Governance Issues: Mariana Valverde @yorku! http://www.bit.ly/sSqiNr
  • At Gender Across Borders @GABblog http://www.bit.ly/rubQYW  re LGBT legal activist Paula Ettelbrick as inspiration to (not) law students.
  • Something new from the folks at Feminists @ Law : Second issue kicks off w/ feminist alternative judgment from India http://www.bit.ly/vf3Rc2
  • Coming soon, IFLS visitors. Combined total of over 23000km between here and their home schools! http://www.bit.ly/tD4B7a
  • CFP Peacekeeping & Gender Equality http://www.flpbd.it/gzWo





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