Current Visitors to the IFLS

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Our Fall 2018 visitor is Dr Vicky Conway. Dr Conway joined the School of Law and Governance in Dublin City University in July 2015, having previously held positions at the University of Kent, Queen’s University Belfast, the University of Limerick and the University of Leeds. Vicky is a graduate of UCC (BCL 2001, LLM 2002), the University of Edinburgh (MSSc Criminology 2003) and Queen’s University Belfast (PhD 2008, PGCert Higher Education 2010). She was made Associate Professor of Law in 2017.
Vicky is currently Chair of the BCL Programme and a committed socio-legal scholar who believes that academic research should be innovative and challenge and aim to directly inform legislative and policy developments.
Vicky is a leading researcher on policing in Ireland with an emphasis on the intersection between social change, police culture and police accountability. She has conducted innovative qualitative research in this area, funded by the British Academy, which has resulted in two two monographs on policing in Ireland (The Thick Blue Wall: The Morris Tribunal and Police Accountability in the Republic of Ireland and Policing Twentieth Century Ireland: A History of an Garda Síochána). Her expertise in this area has been recognised through Vicky’s appointment by the Government in December 2015 to the Policing Authority which is tasked with oversight of an Garda Síochána, Ireland’s police service and in May 2017 she was appointed to the Commission on the Future of Policing in Irealnd.
Along with colleagues Dr Yvonne Daly (Law and Government) and Dr Yvonne Crotty (Institute of Education) she was part of an EU Commission funded grant called SUPRALAT ( which developed training for criminal defence solicitors to enable them to best defend their client’s rights in the garda station. Now accredited by the Law Society of Ireland, she and Dr Daly continue to deliver this training.

Another substantive area of her research is the criminalisation of abortion law. She was part of group commissioned to develop legislation that might be adopted in Ireland post-reform of the constitutional position on abortion and has subsequently advised numerous political parties, NGOs, student groups and activist organisations on the legal aspects of repeal the 8th. She is a member of Lawyers for Choice.

Vicky teaches across a range of modules related to criminal justice and the operation of the legal system in Ireland. She currently supervises a doctoral student who is studying the protection of minority language rights. She has held visiting scholar positions in North America, Australia and Ireland.

Vicky regularly contributes to media discussions on policing and criminal justice.