Past Visitors


Miriam Zucker
Feb 2021 - March 2021

Dr. Miriam Zucker completed her SJD at the University of Toronto, Faculty of Law in January 2021. Miriam’s work is situated in the Intersections of multiculturalism and feminism. Her doctoral research focuses on polygamy and forced marriage among the Bedouin-Arabs in Israel and critically examines theoretical scholarship on “minorities within minorities”. Her article on this issue, “The Role of the State in the Intra-Group Vulnerability of Women: Revisiting Debates about Multiculturalism Through the Case of Polygamy among the Bedouins in Israel” is forthcoming in Columbia Journal of Gender and Law. Miriam’s interest in these topics began with her work in the Israeli State Attorney’s office on a petition to stop Ultra-Orthodox Jews from practicing sex segregation on public buses, which was the focus of her master’s research. Miriam received her master’s (LLM) from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, where she also taught administrative law.