Virtual Visitor Program

Welcome to the IFLS's Virtual Visitor Program (VVP)!

VPP will be a more organized form of blogposts to which the institute invites both scholars and activists to contribute over the course of their stint.  Each visitorship lasts for about a month and visitors will have space on the institute's page to contribute as many posts as they see fit during the month.  We hope that readers participate in the discussions via the comments section.  These contributions may be rough ideas for the start of a paper, reactions to current feminist jurisprudence, policy paper ideas, or best practices offered by activists in the field.

We are honored to start the program with three inaugural visitors, the former Directors of the Institute: Professors Mary Jane Mossman, Sonia Lawrence, and Joan Gilmour.  My sincere thanks to all three who have agreed to kick off the VPP.

Please be sure to bookmark this page and come back to engage with our visitors!