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 Academic Things to Do: CFP’s, Panels, Workshops

10/10/2012  16:41 CFP: Encounters in Canada: Contrasting Indigenous and Immigrant Perspectives | Centre for Refugee Studies

04/10/2012  20:28 Developments in Collective Bargaining & Gender Equity in Australia Tuesday, Oct. 30th. Ross S701 2:30 w. Sue Williamson Uni Sydney.


11/10/2012  13:36 RT @FacLoungeBlog: Mid-Atlantic Law And Society Conference Next Week: It’s time to remind readers that we’re hosting the inaugural … h …

05/10/2012  11:40 Call for Papers: Feminist Legal Theory CRN at Law and Society 2013 (boston)

10/10/2012  16:35 RT @pubprivlaw:ESRC series examines the relations b/w private legal obligation & political struggle. UK based but 1/2 PhD Bursaries available

04/10/2012  12:26 #CEDAW for Change one-week institute Toronto, November 2012 at OISE

05/10/2012  22:02 Lawyer & #osgoode visiting prof Fay Faraday 10.31 “Made in Canada: How the Law Constructs Migrant Workers’ Insecurity”

05/10/2012  22:02 cfp oct 15 Rethinking Race & Sexuality: Feminist Conversatns, Contestatns, & Coalitns Ap 17-19th Concordia simone de b

We lost some heroes

03/10/2012  16:04 RT @Ylook: Sad news of Charles Roach passing on. African-Canadian radical lawyer and community warrior. Will be sorely missed. http://t. …

06/10/2012  13:27 RT @gilliancalder: #heroes. “Assisted-suicide activist Gloria Taylor dies from infection in B.C.”

10/10/2012  01:55 RT @TRANSfilmseries: The End. The Toronto Women’s Bookstore closes forever: #lossofwords

Sisters in Spirit, October 10

04/10/2012  17:27 If you haven’t been thinking this Oct4 about the spaces left by missing &murdered aboriginal ♀in Cda, what abt now?

04/10/2012  17:29 RT @lktrack: RT @jarrahpenguin Today is 7th year of Sisters in Spirit vigils to honour missing & murdered Aboriginal women in Canada …

04/10/2012  17:25 Thank you to aboriginal students at #yorku and #osgoode for the Sisters in Spirit Vigil.

Some things to read

11/10/2012  20:37 Sex and Justice Conference at University of Michigan breaks new ground

11/10/2012  01:09 Read On! U.N. Special Rapporteur Manjoo on violence against women with isabilities

12/10/2012  00:03 RT @jesuisfeministe: On lit – Canadian women’s rights in decline, report says

10/10/2012  20:28 Parliaments and Gender Sensitivity — Slaw

04/10/2012  09:10 RT @slaw_dot_ca: Gender Equality Litigation – Who’s Counting?: This morning’s Globe and Mail features a prominent advertisement for… h …

04/10/2012  02:26 But I Wanted A Girl…The Ethics of Prenatal Sex-Selection.

03/10/2012  20:37 Jotwell Equality: #legal education – Is Critical Citizenship Critical?

Popular Fiction & Non Fiction, Television reviewed, discussed

08/10/2012  12:26 How Junot Diaz Wrote a Sexist Character, but Not a Sexist Book – Joe Fassler – The Atlantic

08/10/2012  20:37 Halberstam reviews Rosin (“breathtakingly naïve”) Whither #Feminism?: Gender & The New Normal h/t @brendacossman

03/10/2012  20:13 RT @angelapriestley: Hanna Rosin’s matriarchy as “mythical as any other”. @guardian on The End of Men

11/10/2012  20:28 What the Girls spat on Twitter tells us abt feminism [good comment re #intersectionality but #whowritestheseheadlines?

04/10/2012  20:37 Los Angeles Review of Books – The Paradox Of Pluck: How Did Historical Fiction Become The New Feminist History?

04/10/2012  02:15 Damn, shld’ve watched this instead I Am a Young Woman: Hear Me Roar? | The Agenda w/ @sheilasheila & the word vagina

04/10/2012  02:16 RT @caitfem: “The work that we do with @ShamelessMag … the answers to these questions aren’t found in Naomi Wolf’s vagina” – @sheilasheila

07/10/2012  15:54 RT @KarineMyrgianie: Reading a great text on feminisms by @sheilasheila on @shamelessmag, a piece about truly inter …

7/10/2012    16:03 @sheilasheila your piece is great. Eye rolls for days, indeed. a good outcome of obnoxious panel.

Things your mentors , colleagues, peers might need or want: money, recognition

02/10/2012  01:22 RT @UVicLawLib: Canadian Bar Association – Viscount Bennett $40,000 Fellowship deadline Nov 15

10/10/2012  13:40 RT @CBA_News: Call for nominations for CBA-QC’s Paul-André Crépeau Medal, named in honour of the late @LawMcGill professor: …

05/10/2012  12:26 Bertha Wilson Honour Society – very nice new initiative of the Schulich School of Law Dalhousie

Some writing tips

03/10/2012  12:26 Stylish Academic Writing by Helen Sword #nobutseriously (actually, this really does look like it could be interesting)

03/10/2012  20:28 Stylish academic writing author has a website! Writer’s Diet: test if your writing is flabby or fit. #whatsyourscore?

Some new stats

03/10/2012  19:33 RT @CatalystInc: The “motherhood penalty” (the pay gap b/t mothers and non-mothers) is wider than the gender gap between women and men. …

06/­10/2012  13:06 RT @Ritu_Bhasin: Pay gap between male & female partners is now a gaping hole. #gender #diversity #law

                              Loads of Supreme Court of Canada tweets

03/10/2012      17:48   New Post at IFLS SCC October crim law hearings on the legalities of birth and maternal responsibility –


03/10/2012      16:06   #scc goes where MPs fear to tread: …deciding when life begins Ntl Post see also my post here


I tried to live tweet (the webcast) of the SCC hearing in Levkovic.  Gave up.  In future, I will just follow @cmathen – she has this livetweeting thing down.

10/10/2012  13:41 Levkovic @ #scc today. Post from last wk here: SCC hears cases re the legalities of birth and maternal responsibility

10/10/2012  14:29 #CCC 223 has been applied to women as early as 5 mths gestation, though they were acquitted #levkovic

10/10/2012  14:30 Maybe a good time for me to go to my meeting. #levkovic’s lawyer just asked about impaired driving. Responds “oh man”.

10/10/2012  14:36 CrimLawyers Assoc’n raises “rights of ♀” 2 delineate risk zone re CCC223. Why impose obligatn on ♀to disclose “failed pregnancy” to state?

10/10/2012  14:41 can’t tear self away fm #levkovic at #scc -back to #viability #privacy #abortion – #lawnerd but #lawnerdwithotherobligationsrightnowdammit

10/10/2012  14:43 CrimLawyers Assoc (Marie Henein i think) puts it squarely: before birth, it’s not clear when/whether it’s a child. #levkovic #vagueness

11/10/2012  20:32 The Equality Effect – Human Rights for Women and Girls and the 160 girls project – video.

11/10/2012  14:41 ADH, today at the #SCC(abandonment – baby born in washroom, mother not realizing baby was alive): follow @cmathen livetweets


Mabior was released by the Supreme Court

05/10/2012  15:03 RT @fertilitylaw: Big news! #SCC releases new #HIV disclosure decision – where low #viral load + #condom used, no risk of serious harm h …

05/10/2012  15:02 RT @ErinKonsmo: Good video summary on this court case on Supreme court decision. Court clarifies HIV disclosure ruling …

PM Harper appointed Wagner to the SCC from the CAQ

03/10/2012  01:02 Fact that 4 of 5 Harper appointees to #SCC have been men (oh & 0 racialized pple) ++ interesting than Wagner’s app’tmt making 3♀ 6♂. agree?

03/10/2012  16:32 globe doesn’t quite agree w/me: all abt “gender balance” in this editorial … but don’t ment’n Harper’s past appt’s.

03/10/2012  00:59 RT @ADodek: Kirk Makin on PM’s nomination of Richard Wagner to #SCC #law #legal #courts #Cdnpoli

03/10/2012  00:58 RT @BenOliphant: I’m a bit surprised the new SCC judge is of the dude persuasion. I thought having at least 4 female judges was almost a …

04/10/2012  20:37 RT @gilliancalder: Justice Wagner is speaking of his background. He has very nice hair.






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