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lego bird on lego horse, with lassoit’s not really a roundup, these are all Osgoode IFLS tweets. But I’ve categorized them. For those who don’t do twitter and don’t follow on FB, here’s what you’ve missed recently. i’m still wondering about twitter, whether it’s really a good idea, but on the other hand, I’m obviously using it quite a bit.   This week, the decision of the Windsor community Legal Aid Clinic to stop representing men charged with domestic violence crimes, the M312 vote in the House of Commons, new scholarship and calls for papers and the every popular “misc” category.

On Abortion Rights in Canada

26 Sep mysteriouser &… NDP slams Jason Kenney for supporting ‘abortion’ debate – The Globe and Mail  h/t @blberger

26 Sep Harsha Walia@HarshaWalia Not that shocking that Minister Ambrose would vote for #M312. she is a Tory MP, a libertarian, & enjoys Ayn Rand. Women can be anti-feminist

28 Sep Fetus-rights motion deepens Tory rift on abortion – The Globe and Mail 

29 Sep Here we go. Sex selective abortion as “female feticide” in the house of commons from MP Warawa. …

29 Sep Margaret Somerville says: “[prochoice cdns]… out of frying pan Mr. Woodworth’s M 312 into fire Mr. Warawa’s M 408.” …

29 Sep I say, things I do not like are not the same as things I think should be illegal. I am not confused by the word feticide. Call it Abortion. Said btr here: RT @ElizPickett: Somerville’s concern for the status of women – Dawg’s Blawg  | #cdnfem #cdnpoli #M312

On the Windsor Community Legal Aid Clinic

26 Sep New post at IFLS: Restricting Legal Clinic Services to Exclude men accused of Domestic Violence: Windsor edition 

26 Sep + article re clinic coverage Mossman 1994 Gender Equality, Family Law, & Access to Justice.’ Int J L Pol’y & Fam 8: 357 

27 Sep Re Windsor community clinic policy on domestic violence representation: Clarified by the dean on CBC – neither ♂ nor ♀ get representat’n.

27 Sep Seems to take care of about 1/2 the critiques…? And apparently it will eliminate 1/3 to 1/2 their caseload & free up time for other work

1h RT @JKal: The op-ed the Nat’l Post refused to print: Windsor Dean explains CLA clinic decision. #equality 


Cases, Politics, News

26 Sep Gillian Calder@gilliancalder Great blog post on the SWUAV case on public interest standing. … #bloggingforequality @blogforequality

29 Sep The right not to marry? Ruthann Robson thinks this might lurk in the right to marry cases… …

29 Sep Right to Information on contraception, abortion, sex – Victory in Colombia 

27 Sep Supreme Advocacy LLP@supremeadvocacy #SCC rules that girl’s anonymous legal pursuit of the identity of her Facebook cyberbully should be allowed …

27 Sep Tory crime agenda fuelling ‘crisis’ of aboriginal women in prison: gov’t report – The Globe and Mail 


Talks, CFP’s, New Scholarship

26 Sep New Post at IFLS CFP: Reflections on The Alchemy of Race and Rights (Deadline October 25) – :

26 Sep Rory O’Connell@rjjoconnell IntLawGrrls: Go On! Migrant Domestic Workers, Gender Equality and the Limits of Rights, at University College Cork …

28 Sep Gender equality & human rights @ Stanford 

28 Sep New Post at IFLS CFP: Journal of Gender, Race & Justice: Modern Families symposium – :

27 Sep Walsh on Multiculturalism & Women’s Rights #southafrica 

27 Sep Legal Intellectuals in Conversation: Reflections on the Construction of Contemporary American Legal Theory: Hackney:

27 Sep Ngire Naffine Talk at Ottawa Rewriting Rape 

29 Sep CFP Symposium Honoring Justice Louise Charron — Ottawa, ON 

29 Sep Go On! Gender equality & human rights @ Stanford 

29 Sep Koppelman on Langton: Sex. Fantasy feminism & porn 

26 Sep Pace Law School Comparative Sex Regimes and Corporate Boards Feb. 8, 2013. CFP deadline is Oct. 15, 2012.” 


26 Sep  canadian fiction about girls, suffering: A Girl’s Life ·  by @missstaceymay

28 Sep Margaret Atwood, “Weight” (1991) “I shrug my shoulder pads.” #women #lawyers #fiction #shortfiction violence and detachment.

28 Sep ♀ judged as feminine (sensitive agreeable & community-oriented) may be judged low on competence,& liked but not respected 

28 Sep Mental note: Stop describing ♀ i respect as nice, sensitive agreeable, community oriented. Antonyms incl: bad indifferent harsh egocentric

1 October  Professors Can Also Be Snarky (talking back to student teaching evals) Inside Higher Ed 

28 Sep Adam Dodek@ADodek New #Law School at Lakehead looking to hire profs … #legal #education

27 Sep Kyle Kirkup@kyle_kirkup New website tracks the use of homophobic language on Twitter:  #canqueer #LGBT

29 Sep Reader query: what do you say to the ignorant or anti-feminist? « Feminist Philosophers 




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