They were right/ when they said/ we should never meet our heroes

Maybe it is true that we should never meet our heroes, – or maybe we need to be  our own heroes.  Have a look at this great piece by Amna Quereshi, recent Ottawa Law grad,  in the Toronto Star.   I can’t say that I was at all surprised or any further disappointed by former Justice Claire L’Heureux-Dubé’s position on the Quebec Charter of Values, but I think that Amna’s piece exposes some of the reasons that we could be surprised.  I’m glad Amna had a chance to meet the judge, and to revise her impressions.  Lionizing judges is one way of coping with law school (remember all the love for Denning?) but it can be a very tricky business.  Especially when they are still out there, saying things.

Standing beside you, I felt a great sense of connection and shared passion for the law, equality and justice. I remember this meeting so clearly and often look back on it as a pivotal moment in my life — a symbol of how far I have come. You see, having been born and raised in rural Alberta with parents who had emigrated from Pakistan to give us a better life, I faced tough odds to get to where I am today. I have fought against oppression for much of my life and feel that I thrive in spite of it even today.Given all this, I was confused and shocked to read that you consider the complete face covering for Muslim women a sign of “oppression” and believe that explicit rules, entrenched in legislation, on what is unacceptable in the name of secularism will ensure that immigrants “become like us.”

via Retired Supreme Court justice wrong to endorse Quebec values charter | Toronto Star.


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