The York Centre for Feminist Research: Events this term

York’s CFR just sent around their Newsletter.  It contains Himani Bannerji‘s tribute to her colleague Professor Barbara Godard.  Dropped in amongst the usual announcements and invitations, this short piece just sliced right through my Monday afternoon fog.

Otherwise, here are some things that those of us at York can enjoy in the next little while:

October 6th 2010: “Place, home and the world in Caribbean women’s writing: Aida
Bahr and Olive Senior in Conversation”

October 7th 2010: “Confronting Impunity: Women’s Struggles for Justice, Historical
Memory and Reparation in Guatemala” (Panel Discussion)

October 14th 2010: “The Personal and the Political: Being Muslim in India Today”
Films by Samina Mishra and Ambarien Qadar followed by discussion
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October 18th 2010: “State of Play: Photography, Multimedia and Memory”
A talk by Roshini Kempadoo.

November 4th 2010: “Transnational Mapping of the Institutionalization of Women Studies” (a

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