The Gendered Social Context of Infanticide: R. v. LB (appeal hearing today)

LEAF (the Women’s Legal Education and Action Fund)  is intervening in this test case, which is being heard by the Ontario Court of Appeal today and tomorrow (Sept. 23 and 24).  LEAF’s argument (presented by prominent criminal lawyer and Osgoode Adjunct Faculty member Marie Henein) is

“where the elements of infanticide are present, the infanticide offence should be available to women regardless of whether the Crown charges murder. This approach is consistent with the clear intention of Parliament to include the offence of infanticide in the Criminal Code.”

The quote is from LEAF’s Press Release. Links to other national coverage are below:

Globe and Mail article

National Post article

This National Post editorial came out firmly against the defence.

I’ll post any news from the hearing when I find it.

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