The 80's are back – only it's about more than shoulder pads and zippered jeans

I shouldn’t joke about it. Abortion rights battles didn’t end in 1988.

Joanna Birenbaum, director of Litigation at LEAF sent this around this morning: – Human rights group opens inquiry into N.B.’s abortion policy

On Tuesday, the New Brunswick Human Rights Commission confirmed that it’s holding an inquiry into New Brunswick’s abortion policy after it had received a complaint about the province’s Medical Services Payment Act, which sets out the conditions under which the government will pay for abortions.

The provincial Department of Health requires that abortions be performed by a gynecologist in a hospital on the approval of two doctors. A women can, however, pay for an abortion at the private Morgentaler clinic in Fredericton. The procedure costs between $600 and $800, depending on how far along she is in her pregnancy.

Schollenberg said the college had documentation relating to the discussion that led to the unique New Brunswick rule that requires the consent of two physicians.

A bit more here:

Morgentaler won a New Brunswick Court of Appeal decision in 2009 after the provincial government challenged whether he could personally launch the lawsuit.

The provincial government argued a woman who tried to access an abortion should bring forward the lawsuit. However, the province’s top court shot down that argument.

“Dr. Morgentaler brings to the judicial arena financial resources and legal expertise which will undoubtedly help level the playing field and greatly improves the chances that any judicial decision on the merits is fully informed both factually and legally,” the Court of Appeal ruled in 2009.

Morgentaler originally launched his lawsuit to get the New Brunswick government to pay for abortions at his private clinic in 2002.

“I accuse the government of New Brunswick of being sexist, male chauvinist, of victimizing and oppressing women,” Morgentaler said in 2002 when he announced his lawsuit.

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