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Elaine Craig in the Globe & Mail and elsewhere.

In recent months there has been an animated public conversation around issues of sexual violence. Many people feel that the increased media attention on sexual violence is a positive thing, because it creates a much-needed focus on a crucial problem. Others have expressed concern that, in fact, this public attention reflects a kind of “rape hysteria” – a “moral panic” which is misrepresenting rape as an epidemic.

via Of course rape and sexual violence are epidemic. They touch most families – The Globe and Mail.

Some of Elaine’s other work has also been noted in the G&M and the Law Times recently – her paper Examining the Websites of Canada’s ‘Top Sex Crime Lawyers’: The Ethical Parameters of Online Commercial Expression by the Criminal Defence Bar is referenced here (G&M) and here (Law Times).  She will be at Osgoode  to discuss this work Friday January 30th.  Watch this space!