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Centre for Feminist Legal Studies at UBC: PostDoc Affiliation

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UBC Centre for Feminist Legal Studies Postdoctoral Affiliation, UBC Law at Allard Hall University of British Columbia  Vancouver, Canada

The UBC Centre for Feminist Legal Studies (CFLS) welcomes inquiries from feminist legal scholars who are applying for postdoctoral fellowships and who are interested in pursuing their postdoctoral research at the UBC Faculty of Law and being affiliated with the Centre for Feminist Legal Studies.

The CFLS offers a vibrant feminist community to successful postdoctoral applicants, including the opportunity to participate and to present research in the weekly CFLS lecture series, invitations to lectures and other events, opportunities to develop research collaborations and mentoring relationships with faculty members, and the possibility of giving guest lectures in courses offered by the Faculty of Law. Postdoctoral fellows are welcome to use the CFLS resource library as well as UBC Law’s excellent law library.  The CFLS cannot provide funding support. Our website is at: http://www.law.ubc.ca/cfls/index.html .

The Centre can assist in identifying an appropriate supervisor. Please consult the information on our affiliated faculty members and let us know if you have questions:


Applications will be assessed according to:

a.      Evidence of connections between the applicant’s research plan and the expertise of members of the CFLS

b.      Evidence of past scholarly and related accomplishments of the candidate, in particular, those that advance knowledge in the field of feminist legal studies

c.      Evidence of contributions that the applicant would make to the CFLS community, if successful.

Preliminary applications should be sent to cfls@law.ubc.ca. They should include:

  • Cover letter/letter of interest
  • Curriculum vitae (including list of publications)
  • Sample of published work
  • Two or three letters of recommendation
  • Funding application for UBC-administered fellowship or copy of funding application to external source (or, if you have not yet applied, your plans for obtaining funding)

Your cover letter should explain the focus of your postdoctoral research and address the assessment points outlined above.

Applicants are expected to be doctoral students in the last year of their doctoral studies. If the Centre agrees to support your application, it will also have to be approved by the Faculty of Law. Please consult the general Faculty of Law requirements at: http://www.law.ubc.ca/graduate/p-programs-postdoctoral.html.


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The Centre for Feminist Legal Studies at UBC.