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Next week at York!

Dr. Sally Engle Merry  “The Seductions of Quantification: Human Rights, Trafficking, and the Rise of Indicator Culture”. Dec2  yorku 2:30(Senate Chamber N Ross 9thfl)


  • “Rethinking  Rape  Law  Reform Colloquium: Critical, conceptual & comparative perspectives” [Dec 6: program here]  RMIT Aus h/t @AsherFlynn {with Lise Gotell and Sharon Cowan!}
  • ‏@kmcneilly01:   Critical Legal Thinking have just posted a series of short pieces on Angela Davis – have a look http://criticallegalthinking.com/ 
  • @feministsatlaw: our response to @LSELaw’s recent ‘Is Rape Different?’ Debate Http://journals.kent.ac.uk/index.php/feministsatlaw/article/view/80/212 …

Revenge Porn (so called)

‏@globeandmail: Editorial: Much of Ottawa’s cyberbullying bill had nothing to do with the subject. Stop the legislative acrobatics http://tgam.ca/Dwpk 

@MichaelPlaxton: G&M op-ed on  revengeporn bill We need cultural shift abt sex & women, not just  criminal offence. http://bit.ly/1jvRNdL 

[i went to read.  Interesting! And here’s a paragraph near the end that was really helpful to me:

There is more going on. Another time I commented on how a conference involved only white male speakers. I should add that this conference took place at Goldsmiths and these kinds of “only white male” or “only but one” events happen regularly here, I suspect because of the kinds of bodies that tend to be organised under the rubric of “critical theory.” Someone replies that they thought I sounded “very 1980s,” and that they thought we had “got over” identity politics. Not only might we want to challenge the use of identity politics here as a form of political caricature, but we might want to think of this “over.” What does it mean to assume we have “got over” something? This claim participates in a genre of argumentation I call “overing.” In assuming we are over certain kinds of critique, they create the impression we are over what is being critiqued. Feminist and anti-racist critique are heard as old-fashioned, as based on identity categories that we are assumed to be over.   



In Memory of Sunila Abeysekera  SriLanka  feminist  activist IGLHRC: Int’l Gay & Lesbian Human Rights Cmsn http://bit.ly/18KKiL2 

‏@ArmineYalnizyan Doris Lessing dies aged 94 http://gu.com/p/3keed/tw  via @guardian

For Fun

Disturbing Google Searches For Feminism, Re-Imagined by Inspiring Feminists – awesome thanks @feministabulous http://bit.ly/1hLVu3C 


Calgary  mother used herbal meds facing charges 7yo son died of treatable bacterial infection http://bit.ly/1aPdRhO from @DebraParkes

Robson ‏@RobsonConLaw  Circumstantial evidence of loitering for sexwork doesn’t include skinny jeans and peacoat DOLL IN SKINNY JEANS & PEA COAT

@cearta: Mann Singh wins turban case in Geneva ( UNHRC) after losing in Strasbourg (before the ECHR) http://feedly.com/e/-oEBb0q5 



Films for the  Feminist  Classroom online, open access, hosted at Signs Journal Rutgers http://bit.ly/18KLtdu 

amazing resources here for lawyers/communities. neat model too. Equal Rights Trust bit.ly/18G3tJu h/t Joanna Birenbaum

#feministlawnerding for fun & solidarity


Melissa Castan ‏@MsCastan Some #lawnerds might enjoy Cambridge Eminent Law Scholars Archive: http://www.squire.law.cam.ac.uk/eminent_scholars/ …

@MsCastan w/ Australia’s Jane Stapleton as lone Eminent woman… A neat idea, though, the archive.

Fiona de Londras ‏@fdelond  @MsCastan ah, look at all those women….oh, hold on

@MsCastan sure listen, women + eminent = system failure. right?

Melissa Castan ‏@OsgoodeIFLS we could encourage them…

 @MsCastan let’s talk methods! not much of any kind of diversity in the list of Eminents, really. I would like to look at area of law too.

[so, Melissa Castan made an effort to call out Cambridge Law for their approach to eminence]

Melissa Castan ‏@MsCastan  @fdelond @OsgoodeIFLS perhaps @CamLibGroup or @cambridgelaw might have a look for some more Eminent Women to include in their archive.

[and i felt better, truly]

@MsCastan @fdelond i feel better about the whole thing now that there are allies out there and we can poke fun. Next: actual change!






IFLS on Twitter, for you non-Tweeps

Every once in a while I like to post some recent tweets, just so that those of you who are only getting the RSS feed from the blog can have a look.  The FB page integrates tweets and posts, and if you visit the blog, the tweets are in the sidebar on the right. RT means “retweet” – i’m copying something someone else tweeted.

Women's Caucus Tea

a bit of background on Judge Karakatsanis, more than i’ve seen elsewhere. Interesting. http://t.co/kU0TKsQU

I hear SCC nominee A. Karakatsanis was PCLS (Parkdale Community Legal Services) student. True? More on nominees: http://t.co/HN0kqCS9

Today at Osgoode! Stolen Sisters clips & talk with @ErinKonsmo brought to you by OISA + ♀ Caucus 12:30-2:30 rm 1002 http://t.co/5fpqLH3a


At the @leafnational breakfast with the awesome Joe Cheng and Bindu Pendala Cudjoe [pic] http://t.co/GiaSdt0tCFP: “Transecting Society: Critical Dialogues on Transsexual/Transgender Identities” http://t.co/PkbA8Fcf

CFP: “Transecting Society: Critical Dialogues on Transsexual/Transgender Identities” flpbd.it/wOgf

At launch #osgoode tax expenditure book philipps brooks li eds. G&M’s simpson: child care benefit = pb sandwich milk & apple /day, not care.
#Osgoode women’s caucus feminist tea! Yum. twitpic.com/71tde2 twitpic.com/71te19



RT @NoelSemple: Dear Americans: when yr government cnt afford 2 prosecute domestic violence, you are UNDERTAXED. on.msnbc.com/pyyGTy


New SCC judges G&M says AK appt will “forestall feminist criticism” bc still 4/9 ♀ bit.ly/pq3G42 Really? Are we that easy to please?
RT @melaynaM At the Osgoode Building Celebration with @OsgoodeIFLS ! yfrog.com/g0z1aetjRT  Shesaid654 am RT byOsgoodeIFLS  The drama surrounding the Missing Women Inquiry reminds me of Yasmin Jiwani’s def. of violence: bit.ly/poVweA

Peter Hogg: “occupy bay street”. Direct quote! Context: improving access to justice. Abella J. says a2j requires experiments #osgoode

EqualVoiceCAEqual Voice National RT by OsgoodeIFLS  So impressed by Paula Simon’s op-ed in Edmnton Journal: Neckline nonsense just sexual politics. A MUST READ. bit.ly/nigSYv #cdnpoli

Amazing film tribute to Hon George Carter at #osgoode open hse: “what it took for a Black man” to achieve such heights. Know (y)our history
At #osgoode open house listening to amazing alumni jazz band. Best thing ever in the moot court!
With MelaynaMAt LEAF persons's day breakfast“The Woman Who Knew Too Much.” Suzanna Andrews, on law prof pol Elizabeth Warren flpbd.it/AnWd v.
Statement from the Black Law Students’ Association of Canada flpbd.it/OrcDFeministing RT by OsgoodeIFLS The Feministing Five: Anita Hill: This month marks the 20th anniversary of Anita Hill’s testimony during the con… bit.ly/qA0DOC

RT @LegalScholBlog: Call for Papers: Junior Faculty Interdisciplinary Scholarship Workshop: The Indiana University… bit.ly/nWHGIW
RT @CatalystInc: …. Australian board quotas ….! Generations butt heads. t11.me/TE4-JD
French Feminists Say ‘Non’ To ‘Mademoiselle’ : NPR npr.org/2011/09/29/140…
RT @CatalystInc: UK companies need more women on their boards. How do we get them there? t11.me/75R-G9
RT @LawandLit: Canadian Politician Criticized For Showing Too Much Cleavage | @Jezebel http://ow.ly/6RW6Z