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Reading list / twitter roundup

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1. Inglis v. BC Minister of Public Safety (trial level successful demand for mother/baby in women’s prison to be reinstated on Charter grounds)

2. Homicide verdict from inquest jurors (5 women who performed this service for 8  months) in the death-while-incarcerated of 19 year old Ashley Smith.

3. Bedford.  SCC unanimously strikes down all Canada’s prostitution laws (for non Canadians –  sale of sex for money is legal but almost all the things you need to engage in it – especially safely engage – are not).  Suspended judgement for a year.



A Legal History That’s Really About the Place of Law in History http://jotwell.com/?p=3884 

Introduction: #Feminist #Jurisprudence and the Question of #Home Ann Genovese | feminists@law http://bit.ly/1iLdLOU  +4 more papers

Univ of Toronto Law ‏@UTLaw12 Dec  Prof. Lisa Austin, @mgeist and others write “Our data, our laws” in @nationalpost http://fullcomment.nationalpost.com/2013/12/12/our-data-our-laws/ …

A fun read! The fourth wave of feminism: meet the rebel women | World news | The Guardian http://bit.ly/18A8DU1 

[ok not new but!] from 2005 Remembering Favourite Feminist Legal Scholarship by Backhouse, Buss, Cairns Way, Gilbert http://bit.ly/18k8SHZ  #remake?

in @Feministsatlaw Maria Drakopolou (Kent) Revisiting Feminist Jurisprudence: A Rehabilitation http://bit.ly/1gOjPll 

“rape” law: Rubenfeld’s deception thesis taken on: ‏@YaleLJournal Jed Rubenfeld responds to comments on his article from four scholars including Gowri Ramachandran (SWestern) in the YLJ Delineating the Heinous: Rape, Sex, and Self-Possession http://bit.ly/1iLcFmo  (find the others here http://www.thepocketpart.org/.  Rubenfeld then reiterates that sex-by-deception remains a problem for rape law: http://www.yalelawjournal.com/criminal-law-and-sentencing/1225-rape-by-deceptiona-response …

Higher Education: Look around – not a pretty sight

UK (if you are not following recent happenings in the UK, you should)

#highered in UK – Cdns, have a look at #fairpayinHE #occupysh [+context @guardiannews http://www.theguardian.com/higher-education-network/2013/dec/03/university-strike-3-december-pay … ) & ask: how long do we have?

Brenna Bhandar on “A Right to the University” on LRB blog http://bit.ly/18A2yXL  #injunctions #protest #HigherEd #UK (for now)



Bright Spot! Quebec


tweet roundup

lego bird on lego horse, with lasso

 Academic Things to Do: CFP’s, Panels, Workshops

10/10/2012  16:41 CFP: Encounters in Canada: Contrasting Indigenous and Immigrant Perspectives | Centre for Refugee Studies http://t.co/fIYi1pWG

04/10/2012  20:28 Developments in Collective Bargaining & Gender Equity in Australia Tuesday, Oct. 30th. Ross S701 2:30 w. Sue Williamson Uni Sydney.


11/10/2012  13:36 RT @FacLoungeBlog: Mid-Atlantic Law And Society Conference Next Week: It’s time to remind readers that we’re hosting the inaugural … h …

05/10/2012  11:40 Call for Papers: Feminist Legal Theory CRN at Law and Society 2013 (boston) http://t.co/9cO8gNH1

10/10/2012  16:35 RT @pubprivlaw:ESRC series examines the relations b/w private legal obligation & political struggle. UK based but 1/2 http://t.co/T4i3yz09 PhD Bursaries available http://t.co/HpRtMS3n

04/10/2012  12:26 #CEDAW for Change one-week institute Toronto, November 2012 at OISE http://t.co/NbYZ4gLb

05/10/2012  22:02 Lawyer & #osgoode visiting prof Fay Faraday 10.31 “Made in Canada: How the Law Constructs Migrant Workers’ Insecurity” http://flpbd.it/K4yID

05/10/2012  22:02 cfp oct 15 Rethinking Race & Sexuality: Feminist Conversatns, Contestatns, & Coalitns Ap 17-19th Concordia simone de b http://t.co/0mfZa7p8

We lost some heroes

03/10/2012  16:04 RT @Ylook: Sad news of Charles Roach passing on. African-Canadian radical lawyer and community warrior. Will be sorely missed. http://t. …

06/10/2012  13:27 RT @gilliancalder: #heroes. “Assisted-suicide activist Gloria Taylor dies from infection in B.C. http://t.co/CvoOVtkP”

10/10/2012  01:55 RT @TRANSfilmseries: The End. The Toronto Women’s Bookstore closes forever: http://t.co/nJebopwg #lossofwords

Sisters in Spirit, October 10

04/10/2012  17:27 If you haven’t been thinking this Oct4 about the spaces left by missing &murdered aboriginal ♀in Cda, what abt now? http://t.co/WTAcruod

04/10/2012  17:29 RT @lktrack: RT @jarrahpenguin Today is 7th year of Sisters in Spirit vigils to honour missing & murdered Aboriginal women in Canada …

04/10/2012  17:25 Thank you to aboriginal students at #yorku and #osgoode for the Sisters in Spirit Vigil. http://t.co/WTAcruod

Some things to read

11/10/2012  20:37 Sex and Justice Conference at University of Michigan breaks new ground http://t.co/CyVJhJk6

11/10/2012  01:09 Read On! U.N. Special Rapporteur Manjoo on violence against women with isabilities http://t.co/PIyqP7CN

12/10/2012  00:03 RT @jesuisfeministe: On lit – Canadian women’s rights in decline, report says http://t.co/D3N3PxKl

10/10/2012  20:28 Parliaments and Gender Sensitivity — Slaw http://t.co/5oP12L2j

04/10/2012  09:10 RT @slaw_dot_ca: Gender Equality Litigation – Who’s Counting?: This morning’s Globe and Mail features a prominent advertisement for… h …

04/10/2012  02:26 But I Wanted A Girl…The Ethics of Prenatal Sex-Selection. http://t.co/DLaxUKqV

03/10/2012  20:37 Jotwell Equality: #legal education – Is Critical Citizenship Critical? http://t.co/EdtIxIbj

Popular Fiction & Non Fiction, Television reviewed, discussed

08/10/2012  12:26 How Junot Diaz Wrote a Sexist Character, but Not a Sexist Book – Joe Fassler – The Atlantic http://t.co/zrhdjRUL

08/10/2012  20:37 Halberstam reviews Rosin (“breathtakingly naïve”) Whither #Feminism?: Gender & The New Normal http://t.co/0GvUKiyJ h/t @brendacossman

03/10/2012  20:13 RT @angelapriestley: Hanna Rosin’s matriarchy as “mythical as any other”. @guardian on The End of Men http://t.co/OSsK6TXC

11/10/2012  20:28 What the Girls spat on Twitter tells us abt feminism [good comment re #intersectionality but #whowritestheseheadlines? http://t.co/FSWFLIOe

04/10/2012  20:37 Los Angeles Review of Books – The Paradox Of Pluck: How Did Historical Fiction Become The New Feminist History? http://t.co/Wp50z87c

04/10/2012  02:15 Damn, shld’ve watched this instead I Am a Young Woman: Hear Me Roar? | The Agenda http://t.co/uXjQJJ0w w/ @sheilasheila & the word vagina

04/10/2012  02:16 RT @caitfem: “The work that we do with @ShamelessMag … the answers to these questions aren’t found in Naomi Wolf’s vagina” – @sheilasheila

07/10/2012  15:54 RT @KarineMyrgianie: Reading a great text on feminisms by @sheilasheila on @shamelessmag http://t.co/wfk5xjdd, a piece about truly inter …

7/10/2012    16:03 @sheilasheila your piece http://t.co/iz1ixR8F is great. Eye rolls for days, indeed. a good outcome of obnoxious panel.

Things your mentors , colleagues, peers might need or want: money, recognition

02/10/2012  01:22 RT @UVicLawLib: Canadian Bar Association – Viscount Bennett $40,000 Fellowship deadline Nov 15 http://t.co/wsxs1Vtv

10/10/2012  13:40 RT @CBA_News: Call for nominations for CBA-QC’s Paul-André Crépeau Medal, named in honour of the late @LawMcGill professor: http://t.co/ …

05/10/2012  12:26 Bertha Wilson Honour Society – very nice new initiative of the Schulich School of Law Dalhousie http://t.co/qnf2a9cL

Some writing tips

03/10/2012  12:26 Stylish Academic Writing by Helen Sword http://t.co/Xd3JjXux #nobutseriously (actually, this really does look like it could be interesting)

03/10/2012  20:28 Stylish academic writing author has a website! Writer’s Diet: test if your writing is flabby or fit. http://t.co/UzTKwAha #whatsyourscore?

Some new stats

03/10/2012  19:33 RT @CatalystInc: The “motherhood penalty” (the pay gap b/t mothers and non-mothers) is wider than the gender gap between women and men. …

06/­10/2012  13:06 RT @Ritu_Bhasin: Pay gap between male & female partners is now a gaping hole. http://t.co/0nHV631F #gender #diversity #law

                              Loads of Supreme Court of Canada tweets

03/10/2012      17:48   New Post at IFLS SCC October crim law hearings on the legalities of birth and maternal responsibility – http://t.co/VznrnOpd:


03/10/2012      16:06   #scc goes where MPs fear to tread: …deciding when life begins Ntl Post http://t.co/QvEMNIt2 see also my post here http://t.co/bRwZ2WiJ


I tried to live tweet (the webcast) of the SCC hearing in Levkovic.  Gave up.  In future, I will just follow @cmathen – she has this livetweeting thing down.

10/10/2012  13:41 Levkovic @ #scc today. Post from last wk here: SCC hears cases re the legalities of birth and maternal responsibility http://t.co/bRwZ2WiJ

10/10/2012  14:29 #CCC 223 has been applied to women as early as 5 mths gestation, though they were acquitted http://t.co/B4gYNvzm #levkovic

10/10/2012  14:30 Maybe a good time for me to go to my meeting. #levkovic’s lawyer just asked about impaired driving. Responds “oh man”. http://t.co/tRbFTJYT

10/10/2012  14:36 CrimLawyers Assoc’n raises “rights of ♀” 2 delineate risk zone re CCC223. Why impose obligatn on ♀to disclose “failed pregnancy” to state?

10/10/2012  14:41 can’t tear self away fm #levkovic at #scc -back to #viability #privacy #abortion – #lawnerd but #lawnerdwithotherobligationsrightnowdammit

10/10/2012  14:43 CrimLawyers Assoc (Marie Henein i think) puts it squarely: before birth, it’s not clear when/whether it’s a child. #levkovic #vagueness

11/10/2012  20:32 The Equality Effect – Human Rights for Women and Girls and the 160 girls project – video. http://t.co/NV4kBbAk

11/10/2012  14:41 ADH, today at the #SCC(abandonment – baby born in washroom, mother not realizing baby was alive): follow @cmathen livetweets


Mabior was released by the Supreme Court

05/10/2012  15:03 RT @fertilitylaw: Big news! #SCC releases new #HIV disclosure decision – where low #viral load + #condom used, no risk of serious harm h …

05/10/2012  15:02 RT @ErinKonsmo: Good video summary on this court case on Supreme court decision. Court clarifies HIV disclosure ruling http://t.co/O3zqw …

PM Harper appointed Wagner to the SCC from the CAQ

03/10/2012  01:02 Fact that 4 of 5 Harper appointees to #SCC have been men (oh & 0 racialized pple) ++ interesting than Wagner’s app’tmt making 3♀ 6♂. agree?

03/10/2012  16:32 globe doesn’t quite agree w/me: all abt “gender balance” in this editorial http://t.co/w69KGUyq … but don’t ment’n Harper’s past appt’s.

03/10/2012  00:59 RT @ADodek: Kirk Makin on PM’s nomination of Richard Wagner to #SCC http://t.co/yAU5Yeih #law #legal #courts #Cdnpoli

03/10/2012  00:58 RT @BenOliphant: I’m a bit surprised the new SCC judge is of the dude persuasion. I thought having at least 4 female judges was almost a …

04/10/2012  20:37 RT @gilliancalder: Justice Wagner is speaking of his background. He has very nice hair.






tweet roundup: [new regular feature?]

lego bird on lego horse, with lassoit’s not really a roundup, these are all Osgoode IFLS tweets. But I’ve categorized them. For those who don’t do twitter and don’t follow on FB, here’s what you’ve missed recently. i’m still wondering about twitter, whether it’s really a good idea, but on the other hand, I’m obviously using it quite a bit.   This week, the decision of the Windsor community Legal Aid Clinic to stop representing men charged with domestic violence crimes, the M312 vote in the House of Commons, new scholarship and calls for papers and the every popular “misc” category.

On Abortion Rights in Canada

26 Sep mysteriouser &… NDP slams Jason Kenney for supporting ‘abortion’ debate – The Globe and Mail http://bit.ly/PkhVee  h/t @blberger

26 Sep Harsha Walia@HarshaWalia Not that shocking that Minister Ambrose would vote for #M312. she is a Tory MP, a libertarian, & enjoys Ayn Rand. Women can be anti-feminist

28 Sep Fetus-rights motion deepens Tory rift on abortion – The Globe and Mail http://bit.ly/TyDC09 

29 Sep Here we go. Sex selective abortion as “female feticide” in the house of commons from MP Warawa. http://www.markwarawa.com/media_/mark_in_the_news/mp-mark-warawa-introduces-motion-to-condemn-discrimination-against-females-via-sex-selective-pregnancy-termination …

29 Sep Margaret Somerville says: “[prochoice cdns]… out of frying pan Mr. Woodworth’s M 312 into fire Mr. Warawa’s M 408.” http://www.theglobeandmail.com/commentary/the-preposterous-politics-of-female-feticide/article4575972/ …

29 Sep I say, things I do not like are not the same as things I think should be illegal. I am not confused by the word feticide. Call it Abortion. Said btr here: RT @ElizPickett: Somerville’s concern for the status of women – Dawg’s Blawg http://flpbd.it/K2F5N  | #cdnfem #cdnpoli #M312

On the Windsor Community Legal Aid Clinic

26 Sep New post at IFLS: Restricting Legal Clinic Services to Exclude men accused of Domestic Violence: Windsor edition http://bit.ly/TB1gJp 

26 Sep + article re clinic coverage Mossman 1994 Gender Equality, Family Law, & Access to Justice.’ Int J L Pol’y & Fam 8: 357 http://bit.ly/TB41ut 

27 Sep Re Windsor community clinic policy on domestic violence representation: Clarified by the dean on CBC – neither ♂ nor ♀ get representat’n.

27 Sep Seems to take care of about 1/2 the critiques…? And apparently it will eliminate 1/3 to 1/2 their caseload & free up time for other work

1h RT @JKal: The op-ed the Nat’l Post refused to print: Windsor Dean explains CLA clinic decision. #equality http://shar.es/52OKq 


Cases, Politics, News

26 Sep Gillian Calder@gilliancalder Great blog post on the SWUAV case on public interest standing. http://www.bloggingforequality.ca/2012/09/downtown-eastside-sex-workers-win-more.html … #bloggingforequality @blogforequality

29 Sep The right not to marry? Ruthann Robson thinks this might lurk in the right to marry cases http://beyondstraightandgaymarriage.blogspot.ca/2012/09/the-right-not-to-marry-ruthann-robson.htmlondstraightandgaymarriage.blogspot.ca/2012/09/the-ri… …

29 Sep Right to Information on contraception, abortion, sex – Victory in Colombia http://bit.ly/PvnVRh 

27 Sep Supreme Advocacy LLP@supremeadvocacy #SCC rules that girl’s anonymous legal pursuit of the identity of her Facebook cyberbully should be allowed http://scc.lexum.org/en/2012/2012scc46/2012scc46.html …

27 Sep Tory crime agenda fuelling ‘crisis’ of aboriginal women in prison: gov’t report – The Globe and Mail http://bit.ly/TGxO4P 


Talks, CFP’s, New Scholarship

26 Sep New Post at IFLS CFP: Reflections on The Alchemy of Race and Rights (Deadline October 25) – http://ifls.osgoode.yorku.ca/?p=5803 :

26 Sep Rory O’Connell@rjjoconnell IntLawGrrls: Go On! Migrant Domestic Workers, Gender Equality and the Limits of Rights, at University College Cork http://www.intlawgrrls.com/2012/09/go-on-migrant-domestic-workers-gender.html …

28 Sep Gender equality & human rights @ Stanford http://bit.ly/PvnR46 

28 Sep New Post at IFLS CFP: Journal of Gender, Race & Justice: Modern Families symposium – http://ifls.osgoode.yorku.ca/?p=5824 :

27 Sep Walsh on Multiculturalism & Women’s Rights #southafrica http://bit.ly/Pmdmjo 

27 Sep Legal Intellectuals in Conversation: Reflections on the Construction of Contemporary American Legal Theory: Hackney:

27 Sep Ngire Naffine Talk at Ottawa Rewriting Rape http://bit.ly/TyBu8M 

29 Sep CFP Symposium Honoring Justice Louise Charron — Ottawa, ON http://bit.ly/PvoJ90 

29 Sep Go On! Gender equality & human rights @ Stanford http://flpbd.it/t8hsG 

29 Sep Koppelman on Langton: Sex. Fantasy feminism & porn http://flpbd.it/42kaW 

26 Sep Pace Law School Comparative Sex Regimes and Corporate Boards Feb. 8, 2013. CFP deadline is Oct. 15, 2012.” http://bit.ly/TyB8iy 


26 Sep  canadian fiction about girls, suffering: A Girl’s Life · TheWalrus.ca http://bit.ly/TuzjDe  by @missstaceymay

28 Sep Margaret Atwood, “Weight” (1991) “I shrug my shoulder pads.” #women #lawyers #fiction #shortfiction violence and detachment.

28 Sep ♀ judged as feminine (sensitive agreeable & community-oriented) may be judged low on competence,& liked but not respected http://bit.ly/PvtwXP 

28 Sep Mental note: Stop describing ♀ i respect as nice, sensitive agreeable, community oriented. Antonyms incl: bad indifferent harsh egocentric

1 October  Professors Can Also Be Snarky (talking back to student teaching evals) Inside Higher Ed http://bit.ly/PvvlEk 

28 Sep Adam Dodek@ADodek New #Law School at Lakehead looking to hire profs http://hr.lakeheadu.ca/employment.php?empid=830 … #legal #education

27 Sep Kyle Kirkup@kyle_kirkup New website tracks the use of homophobic language on Twitter: http://www.nohomophobes.com  #canqueer #LGBT

29 Sep Reader query: what do you say to the ignorant or anti-feminist? « Feminist Philosophers http://bit.ly/PvqkeJ