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O'Brien and Ryan coming from SCC this Thursday: Violence against Women, in context

These two cases should be interesting.

Ryan (see NSCA decision: http://bit.ly/X9FYP4) involves an abused spouse who tried to hire a hitman to kill her abusive husband.  The legal question revolves around whether the defence of duress is available to her.  In O’Brien, (see 2012 MBCA 6 http://bit.ly/10wHRwG  ) the jailed O’Brien was charged with uttering death threats.  He made various threats to his girlfriend over the phone (from jail…) after she told him she was planning an abortion.  She testified that she wasn’t worried about the threats, that he was always talking like that, and this gives rise to the interesting legal issue.

Looking forward to looking at the discussion of violence against women as context in these (I think…).

Also:  Where is Whatcott? Both of the cases coming out this week were heard well into 2012.  Whatcott (see SKCA decision here) in December 2011.