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I need tax help (Ontario Social Assistance Review)

No, not with my return. Filed it yesterday! This is something different, in connection with some work the IFLS has been involved with around the current Ontario social assistance review.  The work brings together the IFLS (mainly through IFLS member my colleague Janet Mosher) and our partners at Ontario`s Income Security Advocacy Clinic and the YWCA Toronto (plus a host of excellent women from other organizations – front line, academic, advocacy).

We are searching for resources on the gendered possibilities/perils of providing benefits/income assistance through the tax system. I’m interested in articles, policy papers, websites, names of scholars with expertise in the area.   I know some of the women I should be talking to – but certainly not all of them, so I welcome and need your suggestions – in the comments? The IFLS might host a small forum on the issue to provide context/expertise.

Click here for information about the “Gendering the Social Assistance Review” workshop that IFLS co hosted with community partners ISAC and YMCA Toronto.  Here we have a very short list of documents posted, including the Social Assistance Review Advisory Council Final Report.  If you’re interested in the Review, bookmark the Income Security Advocacy Clinic’s excellent webpage on the issue, at http://www.sareview.ca.

Mumford on Tax Policy, Women and the Law

Mumford on Tax Policy, Women and the Law

from Bridget Crawford at Feminist Law Professors

The end of the twentieth century saw progress in women’s legal and social equality, but many governments began to increase their reliance on the tax system as a means of influencing the choices that women make. The juxtaposition of this instrumentalist deployment of tax with persisting economic inequality for women is the starting point for this book.