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IFLS Speakers Series: Dr. Yofi Tirosh (Tel Aviv) Who Cooked the Current Middle East Crisis (and Who is Going to do the Dishes)?

Monday October 6  230-4 IKB (Osgoode Hall) Rm 2027Oct6YofiTirosh

Who Cooked the Current Middle East Crisis (and Who is Going to do the Dishes)? A Human Rights Perspective

Dr. Yofi Tirosh (Tel Aviv Law)                                                   

This talk, followed by a Q & A session, will provide a scholarly and a personal take on the current geo-political crisis in the Middle East. As a law professor, a human rights activist, and a regular media contributor of legal interpretation, Dr. Tirosh will point to the covert relationship between the status of women and minorities in Israel, Palestine, and Gaza, and the unprecedented military and symbolic violence of summer of 2014. The presentation will use satirical video clips, TV commercials, as well as Supreme Court rulings from Israel to throw some light on the bitter conflicts over (breast-)milk and honey.

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Dr. Tirosh is a Senior Lecturer at the Tel Aviv University Faculty of Law and a 2014-16 Senior Fellow at Hebrew University’s Martin Buber Society of Fellows. Tirosh teaches labor and employment law, antidiscrimination law, food law, body and law, and feminist jurisprudence. Her research interests include affirmative action, bioethics, law and culture. The working title of her book in progress is Feminist Libertarianism.  Dr. Tirosh is a graduate of The University of Michigan Law School, were she was a graduate fellow at Michigan’s Institute for the Humanities. She served as a Visiting Professor at Georgetown Law Centre in fall 2012, and as a Hauser Fellow at NYU Law School in 2008. Alongside research and teaching, Tirosh gives workshops on writing blocks, women in academia, and job talks. As a human rights activist, she is the leading public voice in the efforts to stop the growing sex segregation in public and private spaces in Israel. She is a regular contributor of legal interpretation to leading media venues in Israel.

Light refreshments will be provided

Questions? Please contact the IFLS administrator, Lielle Gonsalves LGonsalves@osgoode.yorku.caOct6YofiTirosh