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Feminist judge brings new perspectives to Germany's highest court

Feminist judge brings new perspectives to Germany’s highest court | Germany | Deutsche Welle | 06.01.2011.

Prof. Dr. Susanne Baer (Germany)An interesting news piece on Prof. Dr. Susanne Baer’s ascension to the highest court in Germany, the Federal Constitutional Court.  You can read her CV in English here.

She holds Canada up as an example:

Comparing the extent to which other western nations obey their respective constitutions, Baer sees Canada as a good example of how basic law can be reflected in practice.

“In Canada, sexual orientation isn’t written into the constitution, but the rights of gays, lesbians, bisexuals and heterosexuals are very well established,” Baer said. “In many parts of the corporate world, the point has been reached where sexual orientation doesn’t play a role at all. What really matters is what you’re like as a person.”

Here`s an english language lecture (notes) on women in higher education and the idea of quality, which looks like something I should keep in my back pocket (“talking points”!).   This is also her work (from SSRN, where she doesn’t appear to have any other papers posted): A closer look at law: Human Rights as Multi-Level Sites of Struggles Over Multi-Dimensional Equality.

Good luck to her – I hope to hear more about her work on the Court, where, according to the article, she’ll be one of 2 women out of 14 judges.  Progress!